Monday, December 31, 2007

The "Hill" not until Tuesday or...

Hmmmm. Sorry, I consistantly underestimate the energy and time it takes me to transition between the "Hill" and the world.

God willing I'll be back on the Hill Tuesday or Wed. Need much prayer and meditation to prepare.

Your Loving brother, Start

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have been so extraordinarily, so unfairly blessed my entire life, and especially in the last few years - with Joy.

If there is any justice in this, it is that my life now, and I suspect forever, every cell, every neuron, is 1000% dedicated to making this inexpressible Joy I have, available to all Humanity - born and unborn. Yes, I may well fail. Yes, I am trying to follow Jesus and others in this work.

I've had an unbidden revelation today as to an evolved path of how I need to proceed. To wrestle with, and to jump-start this evolved path I need some time at the computer. Until God and Her Angels (about 72 of them at $10 per) equip me with a wireless service plan ($720 / year) from Verizon (I have the card) for my laptop (for access on the Hill) this necessites being OFF THE HILL.

I expect to be off the Hill, with some of my "Immediate Family" in the Philadelphia area until at least Monday.

Loving you, Start

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is the Gospel, THE Good News! There is no other. WHO WOULD WANT BETTER NEWS THAN THIS? DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS MEANS??!!?!?

Jesus, giving us a point of comparison, his life, showed us what grotesque Humanity Cripples we have been made by our environment, and therefore, WHAT HEALTHY GIANTS OF HUMANITY WE CAN RESTORE OURSELVES TO BE!!!!!!! GOOD NEWS!

We live in Humanity Cripple Hell - OF YOUR OWN MAKING, OF OUR CULTURE'S MAKING - a cesspool of False Idols! Return to the HEAVEN THAT IS YOUR COMPLETE, PURE, UNINTERRUPTED HUMANITY!!!!

HEAL THYSELF! Return to being the Giant of Humanity you were at birth! How? Move toward every positive thought regarding the "least of these." Move away from every thought about Self, Flesh, Stuff, Superiority, Systems and Institutions. It is hard work. It is a long journey. Heaven is worth it.


MERRY CHRISTmas !!!!!!!!!!

Loving you all, Start


Home is where the heart is.

I guess it is like our brother Thomas says, "I don't like needless suffering." (Hear Thomas, CLICK photo). (Learn from Thomas' at his new site: Thomas).

Well, my heart is so many places, with so many people that I know and Love. But, like any father, sibling, child... my heart is most with my "least of these." I want to spend the holidays with my children in US Forces, my Iraqis and Iranians, so I'll be on the Hill I expect, the closest I can be to them all at once.

Loving you, your brother, Start

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday off-site too. Quiet prayer and projects day.

Spiritually I need a day of quiet and quiet projects before I am ready for the Hill. I feel further encouraged to go with this inclination by the 4o mph winds in the city today that would do the signs I carry no good.

Loving you, Start

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Off the Hill 'till Monday a.m.

Helping "family" with some challenges here in DC.

I expect to be back on station on the Hill Monday morning round the clock for many months to come.

Loving you, Start

Friday, December 7, 2007


Hmm. The weather has been pretty tough the last few days causing the signs to literally fall apart. Two Angels happened by tonight with some warm soup and were happy to take me to refuge for the evening so I can repair the signs and stave off their total destruction.

God willing I'll be back on the Hill tomorrow morning.

Wednesday Evening I'll be gone from about 6pm until 10pm speaking with a group of friends - our topic is roughly - moving from distance, apathy or animosity to intimacy in a relationship.

Friday the 12th I'll be gone to another function all night.

Loving you, Start

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Wednesday morning.

Until when? God only knows. Best I can guess it will be many, many months with few breaks.

Often Sunday morning I'll go with some friends to a church.

Start Loving

ps: We know what emergency workers look like in an emergency. What do HEALTHY citizens, "activists" look like in the face of this perfect, existential, global storm? What do WE look like?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not back on the Hill yet

I've had an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to some of the greatest heroes of Humanity in our lifetime by doing some enhancements of their web site:

Technically it was way over my head and has taken me to the wee hours of recent nights including this one.

My anticipation is that Monday AND TUESDAY will be spent all day preparing to return to the Hill beginning early WEDNESDAY morning.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brazilian Bishop on Hunger Strike AgainThe Associated Press - 20 hours agoSAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A Catholic bishop on Tuesday began his second hunger strike in two years to protest a government project to divert river water to irrigate parts of the country's arid northeast.Brazilian Bishop Goes On Hunger Strike To Protest Sao Francisco ... AHN

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remaining off the Hill for now.

I slept 13 hours night before last and 15 hours last night. The point? I think my body is trying to tell me some things:
1. I'm a whimp
2. I'm a lush
3. The many weeks on the Hill took more out of me than I understood.

Also, I've been little besides emotional drain on my DC family here at the Peace House these last few months. There are a few small projects here I could do to contribute.

The point?!?!?! I'm quite sure I'm called back to the Hill by Monday next week. I am NOT sure how many days BEFORE then.

Loving you, Start

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


All is well with me and the Vigil - not with our treatment of our US Forces, Iraqis and Iranians.

I'm headed to spend time with my family in Philadelphia.

God willing I'll be back on site early next week.

Start Loving

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Returning to the Hill

Court case requirements satisfied this morning (see posts below).

Should be back on the Hill by 1pm.

I expect to remain there until mid next week when I may spend several days with family in Philadelphia (Tues - Sun worst case).

Also possible is several more days off to help a friend with a critical medical emergency.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Due to neglegence on my part and sloppily thinking that just because all my other court dates have been Friday this one too would be Friday...

I'M OFF SITE (the "Hill") tonight and atleast tomorrow morning.

POSSIBLE SEVERAL DAYS MORE!!! It might be that one of my dearest friends will need my help in a life or death situation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



I wish there were a bit more time to write. Maybe next week when I'll take 24hrs or so for court - when I have to hand in my certificate of Community Service completed today (as discussed in yesterday's post).

For now:

* This is a very difficult time for me and the few heroes I see in the self-proclaimed "Peace Movement." It is horrifying to see the Democrats cave at every turn and stand for nothing (voting in Mukasey for example / caving on Water Boarding). No one is fighting for the hearts and minds, for the Humanity of the American people except for a handful like Desiree, Laurie, Ann, Diane, 26 Year Peace Vigil, a few of the Code Pink folks and doubtless a few hundred others around the country.
* The Hunger Strike was an especially powerful aspect of the campaign and now that I am consuming calories I sense much less penetration of hearts among those witnessing the 24/7 vigil. I sense almost a let down and confusion among those witnessing.
* A heartwarming and sustaining level of support has materialized (see post below).
* But there is no evidence that I will not wind up in the hospital due to starvation or dehydration over the next few months. The level of support is not commensurate with the Vigil.
* It is getting very cold.
* The police are beginning to show signs that their "superiors" are getting a bit tired of this guy being on the Hill 24/7. Many times per night the police are stopping to "check" on (harass) me. A saving grace is that they seem embarrassed to do so. I feel quite willing to go to jail over this vigil for as long as they dictate if necessary. I do not see retreating or accomodating any further than I already have.

With all this I should feel discouraged. I do feel tired. I do feel slightly depressed. I do NOT feel discouraged. I feel clear that now more than ever I need to keep the tiny flame burning on the Hill - for the congresspeople, for the passers by, for the heroic activists, for the lip-service activists....

A friend of mine in DC is in fairly acute medical need. It may be that I will need to take time from the Hill to care for him. Yet it is extremely important that the Vigil on the Hill be maintained, unbroken, month after month....

This is an extremely dark time for the world. We must all walk out in faith, into the darkness, and generate and follow what little bits of flame we can muster. Everything depends on it.

I don't think it was Chris Dodd


Support for the 24/7 Vigil

* Rick: Great friendship, diet coke, sign coverage for bathroom many days a week.
* Nicholas: Extreme Sleeping Bag for the sub freezing days (I risk arrest if used regularly).
* Nicholas: Waterproof winter hunting jacket.
* Kay: Soup.
* Kay: Warm, waterproof boots.
* Kay: Warm socks.
* Kay: Long johns and windbreaker set.
* Jim: Long Wool Coat to keep my legs warm at night and during sub freezing days. Oversized boots to give my feet a prayer on freezing nights.
* Martin: Mid-weight down jacket (Layer #2)
* Dave and Mary Rachel: Laptop.
* Tom and the Mrs.: Water, soup, bread, PBJ, kind company... at just the right times.
* Dave and Mary Rachel: Back support.
* Laura: Water and food at just the right times.
* Jes and friends from Code Pink: A day's soup.
* Laurie: Friendship and a day's granola.
* Beverly: NEW SIGNS.
* Howard: PBJ for days, soup, great friendship.
* Ellen: Kindness, food, transportation, water.
* And others. Forgive me. Many Angels - the faces of the Almighty.

* POP TOP CHUNKY SOUP - Zero days reserve with an intention to be on the Hill for many, many, many months 24/7.
* Quilted, very quilted snowpants fully zip up sides for easy on and off.
* Real warm longjohn bottom.
* Coverage of the signs so I can go 2 blocks to the Library to get on-line and power up.
* PR

see: VIGIL RISKS / NEEDS ))))11/07 {{{{

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


For arrest early August I either do 8 hours community service or jail. I've decided that I am more valuable to humanity on the Hill than in jail right now. Ellen picked me up at 5pm today and I expect to be back on the Hill by 8am Thursday morning.

Monday, October 29, 2007


God willing by 7:30am I'll be back on the "Hill" for as many months or years as it takes to see a fundamental shift in Congress from Profits to People.

The last 4 days in Pennsylvania are the happiest days I can ever remember, in a year when I didn't know that more joy than I bask in every day was a possibility. I must be doing something good. Such love, kindness, humanity I've been surrounded with. God in our midst.


****Chris ???*** Correction 11/7/07: Hmmm. Now that I've had a chance to listen to Dodd's voice on the radio, and to check the internet - it could have been any of three "Chris's" that stopped by to see me.

Mid last week in the middle of the afternoon I was sitting on the steps of the Cannon House Office building about two in the afternoon gazing into the sky toward the west so my gaze was averted from passersby, giving them full permission to gaze, ignore, ponder… whatever. My peripheral vision is quite good and I became aware of a tall figure obviously walking toward me to engage.

To express welcome I redirected my gaze to the figure. “Start, I’m Chris Dodd of Connecticut,” said a voice that would strike anyone with its pronounced humility, respect, humanity and kindness. “I’m worried about your health.”

“I offer you my great thanks for what you are doing. You are impacting both sides of the aisle. You are showing us what it means to stand for a cause.”


About a week and a half ago I was sitting on the steps of the Cannon Office Building sitting up with the signs, but dozing in the early afternoon.

I was awakened by “Hello.” I turned and recognized the face of the man at my left but before I could find the name he continued. “I’m Dennis Kucinich,” he said with no more ore less pomp than when you or I introduce ourselves. “I’ve driven past you before and this time I didn’t want to drive by again, so I had to park and come over. Thank you for what you are doing. Thank you for your courage.”


Sunday, October 28, 2007



It takes a village. Part of the small village that has supported my work over the years is in Philadelphia and for my joy, and in support of them I am staying here one day longer than I had anticipated.

The village, the blessed community is our entire hope and it is my joy to direct one additional day toward the strength, growth and health of that village, and me.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Per the post below (Capitol Hill Campaign Day 25 BRIEF BREAK) God has afforded me the most excruciatingly joyful gift of reunion with my beloved Pennsylvania family. I am overwhelmed with joy, and hope for the world. She is so evident among these people.

However, their house where theY have me stay is in the stone age technically and I've had no Internet access - hence the post updating you on exciting recent progress has not yet been achieved. Yes, it IS my fault. Later this afternoon maybe.

Loving you,


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Capitol Hill Campaign Day 25 BRIEF BREAK

Please check back in a few days for a lengthier update on the last several weeks - some of which might please you quite a bit.

For now - 3 DAY BREAK from the 7/24 Occupation I've been maintaining. Hypothermia, Exhaustion, the Toll of this my 5th Hunger Strike in the last 18 months - they say discretion is the better part of valor. I'm ok, but I think it wise if I target not tomorrow, but Monday AM to return to Capitol Hill 24/7.

Your brother,


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day #16 Hunger Strike for US Forces, Iranians, Iraqis

The weather is very kind - mild. My body is no longer putting out much heat due to the Hunger Strike. It was mid 70's but even so I was chilly with two sweatshirts on.

Often the Congress People use the tunnels but today they were out in force all day long. Many had to look at the Hunger Strike and ponder. My sense is that their Spirits, their Humanity is all but dead. They need what I am doing, and similar work from many, many, many people before their Humanity will be restored.

Joan N. from Kennett Sq, PA came by for a while. In her mid 70's I guess. Seems to spend more time in DC getting arrested for efforts to stop the war, than she spends at the bridge table. Very inspiring.

I'm pretty weak physically but everything else checks out ok.

I expect to return to Cannon first thing tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and remain there 24/5-7 with few exceptions for many, many, many months.

REQUIREMENTS for the Vigil: Watch at the upper left for a link to what the current requirements are. Later tonight I expect.


Thank goodness I'm back.

Today, Tuesday from 7am until 6pm.

Will return to the Peace House tonight to pack and finish the indexes linked to HOME PAGE of


Wednesday I hope to set down at Cannon 24/7 until People (US Forces, Iranians, Iraqis) become more important on Capitol Hill than keeping Congresspeople fat.

Quote from American President:

"I was so busy keeping my job
I for got to do my job.
That ends now."

Saturday, October 13, 2007


This was a victory for the "system," in God's eyes.

Due to weekly vigils of Catholic Workers / Jonah House there is familiarity and a modicum of respect on the part of the Pentagon police, and ilLegal inJustice system staff involved with us yesterday. With the benefit of their "sense" of "our kind," the officers / court / etc involved quickly realized, as I realized on the spot, that they had lumped me in with tomato planters, which I did not. I contested nothing, just gently shared the Truth pre-trial.

History, and my brotherly behavior toward this part of my family evoked from them, "we'll dismiss your charges. We don't want you penalized for something you did not do."

Details on the day will be appearing at Jonah House soon, I expect.

I am now, on Hunger Strike, working round the clock to bring Start Loving to an acceptable level of completion.

My expectation is to be on Capitol Hill at Cannon House Office Building by Tuesday, 24/7 until the next court date November 14th.

Thursday, October 11, 2007



If I am cited/jailed for contempt the reasons I can anticipate are:

  • Calling the officials the sign of love and connection I call everyone - brother and sister.
  • Rising for the "Judge" out of respect AND doing the same for everyone else present.
  • Responding only to "Start" or "Mr. Loving" instead of the old name they have been insisting on.
  • Reading the Bible silently during other court cases instead of "paying attention" as required last time by the bailiff. With Iran, Iraq, Darfur, Haiti... I cannot waste such time - it is theirs, not mine.
  • Calling the Judge "sister / brother" not Judge - Your Honor - which only the Almighty Truth Love Life are.
  • Relentlessly holding that "Guilty" does not apply to my actions because in the Almighty's eyes they PREVENT ME FROM BEING GUILTY OF NEGLECTING MY PENTAGON BROTHERS AND SISTERS. "Yes," I'll say, "I did exactly what you say to AVOID guilt."
  • "... Sisters and brothers, if you arrest me, take portions of my life, whatever, I forgive you."
  • "You know not what you do." see LEGAL-INJUSTICE SYSTEM

If any of my actions is for effect, manipulation, show, conflict, self protection, combat... it is less than nothing - IT IS INHMANE - exactly what is destroying us. I simply refuse to surrender my Humanity for the Inhumanity Empire demands of us. This is the entirety of our responsibility as: activists, mothers, brothers....





Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Matt has visited me on vigil four times or so at the Sudan Embassy and now on Capitol Hill. The rare person of any age that gives you hope that all is not yet lost. Finishing college in the area. Interning with the DC homeless paper.


Brother Start,

What happened? I thought you were in jail at the sound of your blog...but I guess you were talking about possibly facing jail time in the future. My editor wants to know if we can use the picture of you in front of the Cannon Office Building with the sign (on your latest blog) and if so, whom do we credit it to? Let us know!Also on a personal level, I saw your list of needs. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I don't have a ton of resources myself, but I can get some if need clothing or money. Let me know what you need and how to get it to you, brother.Take care and godspeed,


--------------------------Start's Response--------------------------------------------

Brother Matt,

The warmth and urgency of your email (above) to me gladdens my heart, Matthew, as few things have and can. Bless you.

I need nothing. But we, WE need to wake up. You are on the way. I pray for your protection.

I don't know the legal system and intend as a matter of moral and Strategic necessity never to learn, but I just can't imagine that by the end of my arraignment tomorrow I'll not be in jail for contempt charges. I'll be as brotherly as you've ever seen me. That is why I'll be cited for contempt. I will not abandon my Humanity for their deadly dance of In-Humanity. That is our one and entire existential choice. The charge? If you follow the links on my blog (where you saw the picture of me) regarding Pentagon you'll see.

My only, MY ONLY PREFERENCE in the matter is that God use me well. This planet is Hell if something doesn't happen fast - on 20 fronts at once - US EMPIRE, Palestine, Global Warming, Congo, Iraq, Iran, Burma, China, Tibet................................... There is no time for
serial solutions.

The Photo? 100% ok. You would adore the fellow from Arkansas that took it. On that post with the photo I list two blogs - his is one - Josias X or something like that.

I've begun close to 50 posts today at the Start Loving blog. I feel like I am being given final revelation. It is awesome, and awful responsibility. Matt, I see clearly now the Strategy for how the War for EVERYONE'S Humanity is to be waged. Part of it, a minuscule part includes me being 24/7 in front of Cannon throughout the winter - BUT ONLY IF A LOT OF PEOPLE MAKE IT HAPPEN. Otherwise I starve there.
[Extortion? GOD NO. Natural consequence of collective IRRESPONSIBILITY]. I'm being really, really infected with a Spirit, and everything depends on providing people the opportunity to
catch it through close contact. Sorry to be so long winded, but this is a really sacred opportunity. I'm taking it farther toward self-sacrifice than most have ever seen; like Jesus, so that MILLIONS MIGHT FOLLOW.
My Joy is uninterrupted, and infinite. Bliss? No. It is crucial that many (dozens, hundreds?) be given the opportunity to contribute to my pitifully unimportant campaign, only so they
might become infected through contact. Small donations ONLY is all I'll accept (through someone like you and the cc's?), come what may, and many would be required. Many must be given the chance.
Food is by far the biggest thing, I expect. In
days God willing I'll be on death's door at Cannon 7/24 having been
on Water Only. But if then support in terms of pop-top soup / can / food supply is forthcoming I
can take about 1000 of the 1600 calories per day people need and stay at the threshold without passing over for the entire, brutally cold winter 24/7. At this point, with the world's / country's
situation being so dire, if this sort of trivial support doesn't materialize, it may be time for me to cross that threshold as a final chance for people to see our
murderous irresponsibility
that is our doom.
I don't mind at all, if that is the best way for me to serve.
From about mid November I'll be needing about 3 cans a day (or equivalent) to survive.
At a max donation of maybe 5 cans per person, that is a lot of people from mid November through April. What then? I can see that the conditions could demand me being there on death's door another year, or two. What's with the cans? Nothing religious; convenient and non-perishable; and can be stored in a multi-day quantity with me. If someone in a coordinated way wants to bring a PEASANT-CHEAP MEAL, whatever. It is neither my job in this to coordinate, nor to care about the outcome for me. My job is to maintain as pure an infection of this Spirit by playing my role as I am, and God willing, to infect the world? Or die trying. I've copied three people / entities that might have some interest (pure guess on my part) in working on some or all of this. The forth is that Daily Kos blogger on the post with my picture. T-- is his name. His blog is posted but I don't know his email, etc. He has expressed interest.

Matt, still there? Very long winded. :-)

As to the other items on the blog - clothing - etc. they all provide the same logic - opportunity for closer contact infection. As you can imagine, they are all needed. I could explain further over
time if someone wants to come by Cannon.

NO ONE MUST BE ENABLED TO FEEL THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT BY GIVING $20 BUCKS (max) WORTH OF SOMETHING. This is not about me. This is not about them. This is about preventing Armageddon in military, economic, climate, moral, social forms that are multitudinous. This is about supporting ONE SOLDIER in what must fast become an army of millions worldwide, or it is all over. No, I have no illusion of making a difference, "succeeding."
But I also have no lack of clarity anymore of how this war is to be waged.

Matt, by tomorrow you owe it to yourself and those you love to struggle through the mass of Start
posts for OCT and as much else as you can.

Matt, whereas I now know what millions must do, I'll never know what any individual should do. This email conveys not the slightest expectation or responsibility from me to you. You and God. You and Your Humanity.

Loving you extremely, your brother,


VIGIL RISKS/NEEDS }}}}} 3/09/08 {{{{{

  • Water
  • Food
  • Relief / coverage
  • Participants / Campaign members
  • Verizon Network paid up for laptop
  • Funds for new signs
  • Organizing
  • Promotion

Jail on "Obscenity" or other charges? They are not going to want these posters everpresent on the path to and from their various troughs. Interesting.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


More later, but until tomorrow, my mind is exploding with new insights as to how this War of Unarmed Peacemaking must be fought and have left Cannon to blog, prior to Friday's 9am court date for handing out Global Warming literature at the Pentagon. Strategically, morally I will not abandon my HUMANITY for their INHUMANITY [the entirety of our existential choice; the entirety of opportunity to Empyre Empire. I'll go and be there as a brother, but not as a plaintiff. They will see this as Contempt I am sure and how long the will jail me I don't know.

I eagerly plan to maintain the Hunger Strike in jail and to return immediately to Cannon on 24/7 Hunger Strike and Vigil.

A terrific fellow, hegemony57, that stopped by several nights - turned out he's been writing of the Hunger Strike on his Daily Kos diary. Great work. Quite helpful. Rich comments from his readers. Tomorrow or Friday night before returning to Cannon I hope to add some comments to theirs.

And another dear fellow has been doing some blogging: Jeremias X Goes To Washington (Part 2)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I'm very pleased and excited. The Hunger Strike that Resumed Monday 10/1/07 returns tomorrow, Wednesday, to Capitol Hill, the Cannon Office Building 24/7. How? Hmmm. I don't know. I just know I'll do it as long as my pulse lasts / prison takes me away / our our Mother calls me elsewhere (which I don't expect for many, many months).

I have no expectation that the water / vitamin only Hunger Strike is to be carried on by me for less than 40-60 days, but I never know for sure what She will dictate from hour to hour. My best current guess is that I am not being flown into the mountain on this one, that it will better serve if upon hitting skeleton level I accept whatever modest amount of calories at that point (if offered) that will keep me on death's door, but on Cannon's Steps, for many months afterwards.

Risks to this plan:
* A dear friend's mom and dad are at potential medical crisis. Probably not, but if by tonight I hear that I am needed for coverage, my location will not be Cannon steps for several more days while I cover for her.
* Our Mother might call me differently tomorrow, tonight, next month.... But I don't think so.
* No sources of water, yet. Yes, of course my beloved sister Ellen wants to provide any and all daily support as she did for Darfur, but this is out of the question. My role is to ignite others, whatever the cost, not to keep burning out the same person or folks. I will adhere to this whatever the cost, I expect.
* The police at this location are an unknown to me. First night may be a trip to jail; I'll return after being let out which would probably mean prison.
* No sources of calories 40-60 days down the road.
* Monsoon or arctic weather (I don't envision leaving the steps for more than an hour per week or so).
* Jail / Prison: I have two upcoming court dates: 10/12 for Leafletting at the Pentagon; 11/14 for lying down on the White House sidewalk protesting nuclear bombs. I intend to go to the court hearings but beyond that morally I can neither fight within the law system ("do not go to law" Jesus rightly warns us), nor can I cooperate with their evil of trying me for actions that are Innocent before God. I'll be shocked if at least one does not result in jail/prison.

Immediate support that would be useful:
* Recharging and reloading of my MP3 with electrons and several of the dozens of books I have on DVD several times a week.
* Water every day or so.
* A couple of contractor grade large plastic bags (to keep my stuff dry).
* Quart/Liter size empty plastic bottles (you don't want to know), about one per day would be ideal.
* Funds. Currently I am at less than $1 as I have been for weeks. Currently I can't afford metro to court on the 12th in Alexandria and it is a very long, LONG walk. God's will be done.
* Some place for a shower and to do laundry every couple of weeks.
* Tooth brush.
* Duct tape.

Longer term support that would be useful:
* Extremely warm pants. I don't expect to use a sleeping bag. Wrong image. Too likely to get me removed for "camping."
* Extremely warm boots (funds toward). My boots have been warn out for months.
* Inexpensive down jacket to go under my present heavy jacket.
* Used 1+ GB MP3 Player with a long lived battery capacity.
* MP3 PLAYER AUXILIARY USB RECHARGER (or funds toward $50). Radio Shack is just coming out with one. A brick like thing that an MP3 Player's USB connection can go into and get 2-4 charges.
* FUNDS TOWARD REPLACEMENT SIGN ($30 bucks will do for repair in a few more weeks; $200 will be needed when replacement time comes.

Note: Although I can never anticipate accurately on this one, I expect to have little or no means of outside communication on this trip - cell phone, blogs.... Remember the exciting "blackout" when the rocket crews were on the other side of the moon?

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I pray it is time. I think so.

God willing Monday I will resume water only Hunger Strike and daily vigil at the Cannon Office Building from early morning to late afternoon. My sister Ellen needs to support her mom and dad down south through an important time and I want to support Ellen a bit longer by covering things here at the Peace House. By week's end I pray that I'll commence 6/24 Hunger Strike and vigil on Capitol Hill in front of the Cannon Office building that I suspect will go throughout the winter. Oops. I keep forgetting. Almost certainly there will be days or months of prison time for my two August arrests and my anticipated refusal to cooperate with the Empire Court's abuse of me, that will take me away from the Hill. Oh well.

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out if time to save Life and future on this dying planet.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Hmmmm. Per PLANS IN FLUX I've continued at the Peace House in support of the team of the 26 year White House Vigil. My absence from Capitol Hill is likely to continue this week due to yet a new need that has arisen here. I'm extremely eager to return to the Hill, but my opportunity here at the House takes precedence.

I've returned to normal eating patterns.

I find that the insight / post that is most meaningful to me is:

I pray that you spend time with it.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Early this year a community reached out to support my work - the Washington Peace House / Center - Thomas, Ellen and then Connie of the 26 year Vigil in Lafayette Park. They have been wonderful - lodging, water, food, computer, daily support when I am 24hr vigil someplace - whatever. And I give back too, in addition to my activist work - as I can.

All three I have just discovered have important, but non-critical medical needs coming up this week and possibly next. I can help them and I will.

The early part of this week I will NOT as intended begin 24 hour vigil at Cannon. When I return depends on how today's outpatient procedure goes. Nothing to be alarmed about for my friend.

Friend two is expecting to go in for a procedure (also not to worry about) later in the week.

Friend three is waiting for an appointment for diagnosis.

I'm not sure the best way to adjust. Some of this will involve me covering shifts at the Park for an unknown number of days.

Currently I remain on the Hunger Strike, Day 7. I might restart. Might continue the Strike and restart locating at Cannon after a week. Might go the days interrupted to Cannon if I can. I'll let you know.

Your Loving brother, Start
ps: Although I was pleased with the spirit of Saturday's marchers in DC I am finding myself alarmed that after all that the Bush Thugs have done that 20,000 marching folks is all we could produce. We've got to figure out how to start a fire. Yes?

Saturday, September 15, 2007


"How is it going?" Well, as might say the extremely compassionate, 150% committed, statistically typical father of 10 in Iraq...

  • 7 of whom are chronically stressed (stuttering, bed wetting),
  • 1 of whom is US Prison for 3 years now incommunicado,
  • 1 of whom is kidnapped for ransom,
  • 1 of whom is dying from sectarian violence,
  • 3 of whom died from US food sanctions (forced starvation) in the 1990's,
  • all of whom are "starved" for housing (they are among the 2-4 million displaced from their homes by sectarian violence now that Sadam is gone),
  • all of whom are starved now of electricity (2 hours per day in these 120 degreed days),
  • all of whom are starved now of clean water,
  • all of whom are starved now of education,
  • all of whom are starved now of future opportunities,
  • all of whom are starved now of safety,
  • all of whom are starved now of human rights and dignity...

... I'm doing everything I can think to do in the face of Hellish emergency. Therefore, I'm good."

More specific to Start (photo and story at my beloved sister Patricia's blog Sept 11th):

  • Monday I ceased all intake but water and vitamin, opting to cast my vote to Congress with my body for as long as it lasts to not-bomb Iran and to End the War to steal Middle East Oil.
  • Monday - Thursday I vigilled11 hours per day at the Cannon House-of-Congress Office Building on Independence Ave.
  • Friday - Saturday the vigil moved to Lafayette Park / White House in encouragement of the demonstrators descending from all over the country for Saturday's march.

Beginning Monday I will attempt M-F round the clock at the Cannon Office Building. My body is not as strong as it used to be and I'm not sure how the police will respond. From moment to moment I'll have to try and chart how I can best serve our world-family. NOTE: This Monday and maybe Tuesday I'll be helping my sister that is going in for an outpatient procedure.

I've never felt more joyful, or better used. I'll guess that I deliver maybe 10 heart-bunker-buster images (mine) per day: some to pedestrians - average joes, some to Congress. The location has terrific drive by morning, night and lunch, and people much closer to the "Bomb Iran," and "Don't Extort Iraq / Meat-grinder US Forces" launch buttons than I can personally reach. I am also through my witness encouraging already heroic activists that need to jump (Col. Ann Wright, Code Pink, The Critical Voice, Artists Against the War, Laurie Arbeiter, and so many others) to an even more heroic level in the hopes of then each igniting 10's or 1000's of people around us to a sane level of action in these days where everything humane is on the line.

Well, that's all I have the energy for right now.

Thanks for asking.

With much Loving, Start

Monday, September 10, 2007


From an email exchange with one of the world's great activists that has been mercifully counseling me.

"Hey Start,

Cannon Office Building on the Hill sounds like a good spot."
LOCATION: Unless I get input from Ann to the contrary I'm going with her suggestion of the steps at Cannon.

"anyhow, what's your fast diet???"
DIET: I plan to hold nothing back in this campaign. We have no more time to start a "fire." Water only diet unless you count vitamin (which I have) and electrolytes when I can afford them. I expect to stay this course until I can't hold out any longer - 40 to 50 days is my guess. I'll probably then go to 800 cal per day if anyone wants to make that available to try to stay at death's door as many months as possible. Who knows what will be called of me by then.

"are you gonna be in the sun, not good not good. shade i hope. and not too much activity. that will run you down fast. things you already know, start."
SUN/SHADE: I expect it will be sun at least during the morning and afternoon rush hour. And marching for the first week or so during rush hour. This was extremely powerful at the Sudan Embassy.

"also did you put out a press release. holding a press conrference. may not get lmuch at first but the longevity of the strike is what counts"
PRESS RELEASE/PRESS CONFERENCE: Necessary of course. But I'm out of time and energy. I don't even remember the numbers any more but today is well over my 100th day of water only Hunger Striking in the last 14 months on top of another 60 plus days severely calorie reduced Fast and hundreds of days vigiling round the clock. AND I want to get on site at Cannon TOMORROW while Petraeus is still around. I just don't have the wherewithal to get it done.

"and sleeping there? 24 hour vigil. you could try it but personally youve got!! to get some sleep or else you wont last..."
24 HOUR / SLEEP: IF they let me sleep sitting up as I did at the White House and Sudan Embassy for many months, that's what I want to do. A MUCH more powerful action I think. If necessary I'll take a day or two off per week if I have someplace to go.

Note: I may not have enough wrapped up in the next few days to allow the start of round-the-clock until late this week. May need to take Wed or Thurs off site too. But I'm really trying to be at Cannon first thing tomorrow morning - and all day, per you all's suggestion.

Note: I was arrested at the Pentagon recently for leaf-letting, 2nd time, and if I get Judge Buchanan (yup, THAT Buchanan family) I'm likely to get 30 days or more. Court date Oct 12th.


Water Only Hunger Strike begun as a Prayer to Deflate our Spirit of US Empire before:
  • More US FORCES are destroyed.

  • Millions of Iraqis destroyed by US bombs and sanctions.

  • Millions of Iranians bombed.

During the course of this week my time will be divided between The Cannon House Office Building and the Washington Peace House where I have been housed and need to wrap up some other projects, create posters, help out....


Why this Hunger Strike? Outline below. Why move off of Darfur, the cause that has possessed me for 4 years now? See DARFUR VIGIL TERMINATED. EMPIRE DEFLATION BEGUN.

Empire has slaughtered:
  • Millions of Iraqis, mostly children.

  • 20-30,000 US Forces severely damaged or killed in Iraq.

  • 10's of Thousands or Iranians if we don't stop Bush / Cheney from launching the attack.

Empire has tortured and Starved millions more for its Lust for Iraq / Middle East Oil:

  • 100's of millions in 3rd world countries scheduled for extermination through our Global Warming.

  • 2 million poor US Blacks and Hispanics we've starved into prison by withholding the Education, Love, and other resources that every child needs to grow healthy.

  • Millions of poor destroyed through our Starving since Katrina.

  • Darfur...

  • Congo...

  • Palestine...

  • South America...

  • Haiti...

  • Cuba...

  • Etc...

  • Etc............................

When will it end? Yes indeed, when will it end. The Hunger Strike is likely to end when congress clearly stands for:

  1. Bringing our boys and girls home

  2. Ending the war on Iraq

  3. Preventing the bombing of Iran

  4. Restoring Iraqis to their lives


There is no Rescue and Restore of Darfur (my campaign of the last 3 years) unless the spirit of Empire that madly possesses us is deflated. The madness of Empire has us on the verge of bombing Iran, exterminating more Iraqis, destroying the planet.... We are out if time to stop this madness, to Deflate EMPIRE, within ourselves and within all humankind.

This week I expect to begin a Hunger Strike / Vigil round the clock most or all days a week on Capitol Hill.



To terminate when? When I see this happening, that we start loving Iranians and Iraqis, or at such time as Love, Life, Truth (Jehovah, the Almighty Powers we will never be able to name more precisely) show me a better way to serve you all.

Start Loving

Poster Ideas

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hmmmmm. How convenient for you. Just as convenient as it has been for me for most of the last 56 years. I'm sure that pleased for us both are:
  • 18,000 children starving to death per day,
  • US Soldiers being destroyed daily,
  • 4 million Iraquis in prison-like conditions,
  • Millions of Iranians about to be carpet bombed,
  • The soul of the US going to Empire beyond the point of redemption,
  • 3 million Darfuries dying of your neglect in Concentration camps....

Let's take our time. Let's take our time. Let's act with huge courage and compassion when it is COMFORTABLE FOR US.

Truly, I love you anyway, with all of my heart; and I love and forgive me too.

Your brother,

Start Loving (blog)