Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Support for the 24/7 Vigil

* Rick: Great friendship, diet coke, sign coverage for bathroom many days a week.
* Nicholas: Extreme Sleeping Bag for the sub freezing days (I risk arrest if used regularly).
* Nicholas: Waterproof winter hunting jacket.
* Kay: Soup.
* Kay: Warm, waterproof boots.
* Kay: Warm socks.
* Kay: Long johns and windbreaker set.
* Jim: Long Wool Coat to keep my legs warm at night and during sub freezing days. Oversized boots to give my feet a prayer on freezing nights.
* Martin: Mid-weight down jacket (Layer #2)
* Dave and Mary Rachel: Laptop.
* Tom and the Mrs.: Water, soup, bread, PBJ, kind company... at just the right times.
* Dave and Mary Rachel: Back support.
* Laura: Water and food at just the right times.
* Jes and friends from Code Pink: A day's soup.
* Laurie: Friendship and a day's granola.
* Beverly: NEW SIGNS.
* Howard: PBJ for days, soup, great friendship.
* Ellen: Kindness, food, transportation, water.
* And others. Forgive me. Many Angels - the faces of the Almighty.

* POP TOP CHUNKY SOUP - Zero days reserve with an intention to be on the Hill for many, many, many months 24/7.
* Quilted, very quilted snowpants fully zip up sides for easy on and off.
* Real warm longjohn bottom.
* Coverage of the signs so I can go 2 blocks to the Library to get on-line and power up.
* PR

see: VIGIL RISKS / NEEDS ))))11/07 {{{{

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