Tuesday, November 11, 2008

THIS is what Democracy, Christianity, Hinduism... looks like:

A frequent script in my life, I share:
  • Imagine that there is a God.
  • Imagine there is a Heaven.
  • You are at the gates; what will God ask you, what is an entrance exam question?
  • Which will be God's question? "Once Obama was elected:
    A. What did OBAMA do to make peace and eliminate suffering among the world's poor?"
    B. What did YOU do to make peace and eliminate suffering among the world's poor?"
"B," as Gandhi said, " "B" the change you wish to see." :-) :-( We are totally not responsible for what Obama does. WE are responsible for what WE do.



ps: This video activism coverage pretty much ends now with the death of the camera I've been using.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I continue to cover Thomas' absence at the White House Peace Vigil one-two shifts per day; and to aggressively publish videos to the Chanel youtube.com/StartLoving1 which currently has 17o subscribers:
  • in support of DemocracyNow!,
  • in support the few sheroic activists in DC; and until recently
  • an aggressive attempt to achieve the election of Barack Obama, the county's greatest candidate since Lincoln.
A recent creation at the site:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On the Hill. In Lafayette Park.

Congress is on the Hill just two more weeks this year I think. These posters along with audio clips of the pre-Impeachment hearings will be on the Hill for them to wade through to and from their various troughs.

When not on the Hill I'm in the Park at the White House manning the 27 year Peace Vigil.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008



Dennis Kucinich - www.Kucinich.us

Sign Up to Wake Up America

Dear Friends,

Click here to view video
"Wake up America, Sign up America!"
click here to view video

In my speech to the Democratic National Convention, I called on America to wake up to the corruption, lies, abuses and criminal failings of the Bush Administration over the past eight years.

Now, more than ever, we need your voice to shout that wake-up call - all across this nation and into the halls of Congress by signing the petition to begin impeachment proceedings against this Administration.

If we can deliver ONE MILLION signatures to the Speaker of the House on September 10th - the day before the world changed - we can change the world. We can send a powerful message that will shake Congress from its silence which enables President Bush to continue to violate the law. We the People must demand accountability.

If you have already signed, please send this message to everyone you know and ask them to circulate this message far and wide. Sign up at http://kucinich.us - TODAY!

The power to demand accountability is in your hands. The power to restore the Constitution is in your hands. The power to change our future for the better is in your hands. Please, now, exercise that power! Sign up at http://kucinich.us

Thank you,

Dennis Kucinich

please sign the petition
please sign the petition

Paid for by the Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee

PO Box 110475 | Cleveland | OH | 44111 | 216-252-9000

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"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold
is for people of good conscience to
remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, August 31, 2008


"It is not a question of whether we will be extremists,

but whether we will be
extremists for love, or extremists for hate."
ML King

Buckets of urine, slingshots, anti-bus weapons seized in raid on anti-RNC protesters

TWINCITIES.COM, By Mara H. Gottfried, Elizabeth Mohr and Dave Orrick Article Last Updated: 08/30/2008 02:35:54 PM CDT

Ramsey County sheriff's deputies found weapons, [three buckets of urine], and devices to disable buses - among other items - in searches in the Twin Cities last night and today.

Authorities said the items came from "key members of the RNC Welcoming Committee," a self-described anarchist group.


Police arrest RNC protest leaders
Washington Times, DC

Bruce Nestor, chapter president of the Minnesota National Lawyers Guild, said he was present where the urine buckets were taken and that none were identified in a search warrant inventory as urine.

He said two of the buckets were used to flush toilets and conserve water, while another was taken from an apartment that did not have a bathroom but was unconnected to the Welcoming Committee. He accused Sheriff Fletcher of staging a "political stunt."

Saturday, August 30, 2008


They want YOUR ideas at the RNC!!! Act now.

They want YOUR ideas, NOW!
Click HERE and give your input NOW.

Protest group wins reprieve to set up big TV at convention Minneapolis Star Tribune

Protest group True Blue Minnesota will get to set up its 20-by-30-foot television screen at Triangle Park near the Xcel Energy Center during the Republican National Convention -- at least through Tuesday, Ramsey County District Judge Kathleen Gearin said Friday.

True Blue had received a permit from the city of St. Paul but the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board refused to issue a variance, citing safety concerns. Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau, a Republican, heads the board and cast the deciding vote. FULL ARTICLE

CHECK THIS OUT>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Peaceful Warriors fight on in Denver

"The patriots are coming! The patriots are coming!"

!!!!!!!!!PASS IT ON!!!!!!!

(KG) DNC27PROTEST -- Thousands of anti-war protesters marched through downtown Denver after attending a concert at the Denver Coliseum. Their goal was the Pepsi Center the site of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Karl Gehring/The Denver Post (THE DENVER POST | KARL GEHRING)
Police subdue and arrest a protester near the City and County Building. Approximately 100 protesters were involved in the demonstration, which was an attempt by Unconventional Denver to disrupt what it called a capitalist fundraising orgy. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)
Alicia Forrest of Code Pink is arrested Tuesday after a scuffle with police at Civic Center. Several hundred people marched from Civic Center down West Colfax Avenue to Speer Boulevard. ( Michael Owen Baker, MediaNews Group )

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BE AFRAID (or check your pulse)

Whoever wins the hearts
and minds of the POLICE
- WINS the USA.
They know courage.
Are you showing it,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Conversation with E

Hello Start Loving! :)
How are you? I've thought about and prayed for your provision and safety often since I met you.
Do you remember me? ( in the photo attached of the group at the protest against torture policies, I'm the shorter gal! :) )
* I hope you're doing well. I suppose you are since you're doing exactly what your mind, soul, and heart are guiding you to do.
I , on the other hand, am trying to figure things out still. Maybe not trying hard enough, but I'm doing alot of asking.
There's plenty of words I could ramble in this email, but I'll keep it short this time and most importantly I wanted you to know I haven't forgot your eyes.
And your advice about this time of my life being very difficult ( mid 20's...finding a core identity and purpose in this life) and about serving with the Catholic Social Workers.
Anyhow, I hope you remember me too.
Talk to someday again hopefully.
Peace & Struggles,

Dear sister,

I am so extremely glad to hear from you, and that you have not forgotten me!

NO I haven't forgotten you! It was glorious time we spent together, and no, I haven't forgiven you for leaving so soon.

Salvation, by whatever name, and this is what you speak of above, is simply and only becoming possessed by the needs of the least-of-these your global family. This is the path. There is no other. This is Life / Love / Peace / JOY. There is no other. Ever.

My daily salvation is The Lord's Prayer PRAYED THIS WAY and more broadly MY ESSENTIAL LIFE SAVING KIT. If you are ever dying for Life - go to these links.

Oh, my prayers are with you sister.

Your brother,

Start Loving - Wage Love or die.

Denver Patriots 082508