Sunday, August 31, 2008


"It is not a question of whether we will be extremists,

but whether we will be
extremists for love, or extremists for hate."
ML King

Buckets of urine, slingshots, anti-bus weapons seized in raid on anti-RNC protesters

TWINCITIES.COM, By Mara H. Gottfried, Elizabeth Mohr and Dave Orrick Article Last Updated: 08/30/2008 02:35:54 PM CDT

Ramsey County sheriff's deputies found weapons, [three buckets of urine], and devices to disable buses - among other items - in searches in the Twin Cities last night and today.

Authorities said the items came from "key members of the RNC Welcoming Committee," a self-described anarchist group.


Police arrest RNC protest leaders
Washington Times, DC

Bruce Nestor, chapter president of the Minnesota National Lawyers Guild, said he was present where the urine buckets were taken and that none were identified in a search warrant inventory as urine.

He said two of the buckets were used to flush toilets and conserve water, while another was taken from an apartment that did not have a bathroom but was unconnected to the Welcoming Committee. He accused Sheriff Fletcher of staging a "political stunt."

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