Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brazilian Bishop on Hunger Strike AgainThe Associated Press - 20 hours agoSAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A Catholic bishop on Tuesday began his second hunger strike in two years to protest a government project to divert river water to irrigate parts of the country's arid northeast.Brazilian Bishop Goes On Hunger Strike To Protest Sao Francisco ... AHN

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Remaining off the Hill for now.

I slept 13 hours night before last and 15 hours last night. The point? I think my body is trying to tell me some things:
1. I'm a whimp
2. I'm a lush
3. The many weeks on the Hill took more out of me than I understood.

Also, I've been little besides emotional drain on my DC family here at the Peace House these last few months. There are a few small projects here I could do to contribute.

The point?!?!?! I'm quite sure I'm called back to the Hill by Monday next week. I am NOT sure how many days BEFORE then.

Loving you, Start

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


All is well with me and the Vigil - not with our treatment of our US Forces, Iraqis and Iranians.

I'm headed to spend time with my family in Philadelphia.

God willing I'll be back on site early next week.

Start Loving

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Returning to the Hill

Court case requirements satisfied this morning (see posts below).

Should be back on the Hill by 1pm.

I expect to remain there until mid next week when I may spend several days with family in Philadelphia (Tues - Sun worst case).

Also possible is several more days off to help a friend with a critical medical emergency.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Due to neglegence on my part and sloppily thinking that just because all my other court dates have been Friday this one too would be Friday...

I'M OFF SITE (the "Hill") tonight and atleast tomorrow morning.

POSSIBLE SEVERAL DAYS MORE!!! It might be that one of my dearest friends will need my help in a life or death situation.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



I wish there were a bit more time to write. Maybe next week when I'll take 24hrs or so for court - when I have to hand in my certificate of Community Service completed today (as discussed in yesterday's post).

For now:

* This is a very difficult time for me and the few heroes I see in the self-proclaimed "Peace Movement." It is horrifying to see the Democrats cave at every turn and stand for nothing (voting in Mukasey for example / caving on Water Boarding). No one is fighting for the hearts and minds, for the Humanity of the American people except for a handful like Desiree, Laurie, Ann, Diane, 26 Year Peace Vigil, a few of the Code Pink folks and doubtless a few hundred others around the country.
* The Hunger Strike was an especially powerful aspect of the campaign and now that I am consuming calories I sense much less penetration of hearts among those witnessing the 24/7 vigil. I sense almost a let down and confusion among those witnessing.
* A heartwarming and sustaining level of support has materialized (see post below).
* But there is no evidence that I will not wind up in the hospital due to starvation or dehydration over the next few months. The level of support is not commensurate with the Vigil.
* It is getting very cold.
* The police are beginning to show signs that their "superiors" are getting a bit tired of this guy being on the Hill 24/7. Many times per night the police are stopping to "check" on (harass) me. A saving grace is that they seem embarrassed to do so. I feel quite willing to go to jail over this vigil for as long as they dictate if necessary. I do not see retreating or accomodating any further than I already have.

With all this I should feel discouraged. I do feel tired. I do feel slightly depressed. I do NOT feel discouraged. I feel clear that now more than ever I need to keep the tiny flame burning on the Hill - for the congresspeople, for the passers by, for the heroic activists, for the lip-service activists....

A friend of mine in DC is in fairly acute medical need. It may be that I will need to take time from the Hill to care for him. Yet it is extremely important that the Vigil on the Hill be maintained, unbroken, month after month....

This is an extremely dark time for the world. We must all walk out in faith, into the darkness, and generate and follow what little bits of flame we can muster. Everything depends on it.

I don't think it was Chris Dodd


Support for the 24/7 Vigil

* Rick: Great friendship, diet coke, sign coverage for bathroom many days a week.
* Nicholas: Extreme Sleeping Bag for the sub freezing days (I risk arrest if used regularly).
* Nicholas: Waterproof winter hunting jacket.
* Kay: Soup.
* Kay: Warm, waterproof boots.
* Kay: Warm socks.
* Kay: Long johns and windbreaker set.
* Jim: Long Wool Coat to keep my legs warm at night and during sub freezing days. Oversized boots to give my feet a prayer on freezing nights.
* Martin: Mid-weight down jacket (Layer #2)
* Dave and Mary Rachel: Laptop.
* Tom and the Mrs.: Water, soup, bread, PBJ, kind company... at just the right times.
* Dave and Mary Rachel: Back support.
* Laura: Water and food at just the right times.
* Jes and friends from Code Pink: A day's soup.
* Laurie: Friendship and a day's granola.
* Beverly: NEW SIGNS.
* Howard: PBJ for days, soup, great friendship.
* Ellen: Kindness, food, transportation, water.
* And others. Forgive me. Many Angels - the faces of the Almighty.

* POP TOP CHUNKY SOUP - Zero days reserve with an intention to be on the Hill for many, many, many months 24/7.
* Quilted, very quilted snowpants fully zip up sides for easy on and off.
* Real warm longjohn bottom.
* Coverage of the signs so I can go 2 blocks to the Library to get on-line and power up.
* PR

see: VIGIL RISKS / NEEDS ))))11/07 {{{{

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


For arrest early August I either do 8 hours community service or jail. I've decided that I am more valuable to humanity on the Hill than in jail right now. Ellen picked me up at 5pm today and I expect to be back on the Hill by 8am Thursday morning.