Monday, December 31, 2007

The "Hill" not until Tuesday or...

Hmmmm. Sorry, I consistantly underestimate the energy and time it takes me to transition between the "Hill" and the world.

God willing I'll be back on the Hill Tuesday or Wed. Need much prayer and meditation to prepare.

Your Loving brother, Start

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have been so extraordinarily, so unfairly blessed my entire life, and especially in the last few years - with Joy.

If there is any justice in this, it is that my life now, and I suspect forever, every cell, every neuron, is 1000% dedicated to making this inexpressible Joy I have, available to all Humanity - born and unborn. Yes, I may well fail. Yes, I am trying to follow Jesus and others in this work.

I've had an unbidden revelation today as to an evolved path of how I need to proceed. To wrestle with, and to jump-start this evolved path I need some time at the computer. Until God and Her Angels (about 72 of them at $10 per) equip me with a wireless service plan ($720 / year) from Verizon (I have the card) for my laptop (for access on the Hill) this necessites being OFF THE HILL.

I expect to be off the Hill, with some of my "Immediate Family" in the Philadelphia area until at least Monday.

Loving you, Start

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is the Gospel, THE Good News! There is no other. WHO WOULD WANT BETTER NEWS THAN THIS? DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS MEANS??!!?!?

Jesus, giving us a point of comparison, his life, showed us what grotesque Humanity Cripples we have been made by our environment, and therefore, WHAT HEALTHY GIANTS OF HUMANITY WE CAN RESTORE OURSELVES TO BE!!!!!!! GOOD NEWS!

We live in Humanity Cripple Hell - OF YOUR OWN MAKING, OF OUR CULTURE'S MAKING - a cesspool of False Idols! Return to the HEAVEN THAT IS YOUR COMPLETE, PURE, UNINTERRUPTED HUMANITY!!!!

HEAL THYSELF! Return to being the Giant of Humanity you were at birth! How? Move toward every positive thought regarding the "least of these." Move away from every thought about Self, Flesh, Stuff, Superiority, Systems and Institutions. It is hard work. It is a long journey. Heaven is worth it.


MERRY CHRISTmas !!!!!!!!!!

Loving you all, Start


Home is where the heart is.

I guess it is like our brother Thomas says, "I don't like needless suffering." (Hear Thomas, CLICK photo). (Learn from Thomas' at his new site: Thomas).

Well, my heart is so many places, with so many people that I know and Love. But, like any father, sibling, child... my heart is most with my "least of these." I want to spend the holidays with my children in US Forces, my Iraqis and Iranians, so I'll be on the Hill I expect, the closest I can be to them all at once.

Loving you, your brother, Start

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday off-site too. Quiet prayer and projects day.

Spiritually I need a day of quiet and quiet projects before I am ready for the Hill. I feel further encouraged to go with this inclination by the 4o mph winds in the city today that would do the signs I carry no good.

Loving you, Start

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Off the Hill 'till Monday a.m.

Helping "family" with some challenges here in DC.

I expect to be back on station on the Hill Monday morning round the clock for many months to come.

Loving you, Start

Friday, December 7, 2007


Hmm. The weather has been pretty tough the last few days causing the signs to literally fall apart. Two Angels happened by tonight with some warm soup and were happy to take me to refuge for the evening so I can repair the signs and stave off their total destruction.

God willing I'll be back on the Hill tomorrow morning.

Wednesday Evening I'll be gone from about 6pm until 10pm speaking with a group of friends - our topic is roughly - moving from distance, apathy or animosity to intimacy in a relationship.

Friday the 12th I'll be gone to another function all night.

Loving you, Start

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Wednesday morning.

Until when? God only knows. Best I can guess it will be many, many months with few breaks.

Often Sunday morning I'll go with some friends to a church.

Start Loving

ps: We know what emergency workers look like in an emergency. What do HEALTHY citizens, "activists" look like in the face of this perfect, existential, global storm? What do WE look like?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Not back on the Hill yet

I've had an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to some of the greatest heroes of Humanity in our lifetime by doing some enhancements of their web site:

Technically it was way over my head and has taken me to the wee hours of recent nights including this one.

My anticipation is that Monday AND TUESDAY will be spent all day preparing to return to the Hill beginning early WEDNESDAY morning.