Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have been so extraordinarily, so unfairly blessed my entire life, and especially in the last few years - with Joy.

If there is any justice in this, it is that my life now, and I suspect forever, every cell, every neuron, is 1000% dedicated to making this inexpressible Joy I have, available to all Humanity - born and unborn. Yes, I may well fail. Yes, I am trying to follow Jesus and others in this work.

I've had an unbidden revelation today as to an evolved path of how I need to proceed. To wrestle with, and to jump-start this evolved path I need some time at the computer. Until God and Her Angels (about 72 of them at $10 per) equip me with a wireless service plan ($720 / year) from Verizon (I have the card) for my laptop (for access on the Hill) this necessites being OFF THE HILL.

I expect to be off the Hill, with some of my "Immediate Family" in the Philadelphia area until at least Monday.

Loving you, Start

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