Monday, October 29, 2007


****Chris ???*** Correction 11/7/07: Hmmm. Now that I've had a chance to listen to Dodd's voice on the radio, and to check the internet - it could have been any of three "Chris's" that stopped by to see me.

Mid last week in the middle of the afternoon I was sitting on the steps of the Cannon House Office building about two in the afternoon gazing into the sky toward the west so my gaze was averted from passersby, giving them full permission to gaze, ignore, ponder… whatever. My peripheral vision is quite good and I became aware of a tall figure obviously walking toward me to engage.

To express welcome I redirected my gaze to the figure. “Start, I’m Chris Dodd of Connecticut,” said a voice that would strike anyone with its pronounced humility, respect, humanity and kindness. “I’m worried about your health.”

“I offer you my great thanks for what you are doing. You are impacting both sides of the aisle. You are showing us what it means to stand for a cause.”

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