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Matt has visited me on vigil four times or so at the Sudan Embassy and now on Capitol Hill. The rare person of any age that gives you hope that all is not yet lost. Finishing college in the area. Interning with the DC homeless paper.


Brother Start,

What happened? I thought you were in jail at the sound of your blog...but I guess you were talking about possibly facing jail time in the future. My editor wants to know if we can use the picture of you in front of the Cannon Office Building with the sign (on your latest blog) and if so, whom do we credit it to? Let us know!Also on a personal level, I saw your list of needs. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I don't have a ton of resources myself, but I can get some if need clothing or money. Let me know what you need and how to get it to you, brother.Take care and godspeed,


--------------------------Start's Response--------------------------------------------

Brother Matt,

The warmth and urgency of your email (above) to me gladdens my heart, Matthew, as few things have and can. Bless you.

I need nothing. But we, WE need to wake up. You are on the way. I pray for your protection.

I don't know the legal system and intend as a matter of moral and Strategic necessity never to learn, but I just can't imagine that by the end of my arraignment tomorrow I'll not be in jail for contempt charges. I'll be as brotherly as you've ever seen me. That is why I'll be cited for contempt. I will not abandon my Humanity for their deadly dance of In-Humanity. That is our one and entire existential choice. The charge? If you follow the links on my blog (where you saw the picture of me) regarding Pentagon you'll see.

My only, MY ONLY PREFERENCE in the matter is that God use me well. This planet is Hell if something doesn't happen fast - on 20 fronts at once - US EMPIRE, Palestine, Global Warming, Congo, Iraq, Iran, Burma, China, Tibet................................... There is no time for
serial solutions.

The Photo? 100% ok. You would adore the fellow from Arkansas that took it. On that post with the photo I list two blogs - his is one - Josias X or something like that.

I've begun close to 50 posts today at the Start Loving blog. I feel like I am being given final revelation. It is awesome, and awful responsibility. Matt, I see clearly now the Strategy for how the War for EVERYONE'S Humanity is to be waged. Part of it, a minuscule part includes me being 24/7 in front of Cannon throughout the winter - BUT ONLY IF A LOT OF PEOPLE MAKE IT HAPPEN. Otherwise I starve there.
[Extortion? GOD NO. Natural consequence of collective IRRESPONSIBILITY]. I'm being really, really infected with a Spirit, and everything depends on providing people the opportunity to
catch it through close contact. Sorry to be so long winded, but this is a really sacred opportunity. I'm taking it farther toward self-sacrifice than most have ever seen; like Jesus, so that MILLIONS MIGHT FOLLOW.
My Joy is uninterrupted, and infinite. Bliss? No. It is crucial that many (dozens, hundreds?) be given the opportunity to contribute to my pitifully unimportant campaign, only so they
might become infected through contact. Small donations ONLY is all I'll accept (through someone like you and the cc's?), come what may, and many would be required. Many must be given the chance.
Food is by far the biggest thing, I expect. In
days God willing I'll be on death's door at Cannon 7/24 having been
on Water Only. But if then support in terms of pop-top soup / can / food supply is forthcoming I
can take about 1000 of the 1600 calories per day people need and stay at the threshold without passing over for the entire, brutally cold winter 24/7. At this point, with the world's / country's
situation being so dire, if this sort of trivial support doesn't materialize, it may be time for me to cross that threshold as a final chance for people to see our
murderous irresponsibility
that is our doom.
I don't mind at all, if that is the best way for me to serve.
From about mid November I'll be needing about 3 cans a day (or equivalent) to survive.
At a max donation of maybe 5 cans per person, that is a lot of people from mid November through April. What then? I can see that the conditions could demand me being there on death's door another year, or two. What's with the cans? Nothing religious; convenient and non-perishable; and can be stored in a multi-day quantity with me. If someone in a coordinated way wants to bring a PEASANT-CHEAP MEAL, whatever. It is neither my job in this to coordinate, nor to care about the outcome for me. My job is to maintain as pure an infection of this Spirit by playing my role as I am, and God willing, to infect the world? Or die trying. I've copied three people / entities that might have some interest (pure guess on my part) in working on some or all of this. The forth is that Daily Kos blogger on the post with my picture. T-- is his name. His blog is posted but I don't know his email, etc. He has expressed interest.

Matt, still there? Very long winded. :-)

As to the other items on the blog - clothing - etc. they all provide the same logic - opportunity for closer contact infection. As you can imagine, they are all needed. I could explain further over
time if someone wants to come by Cannon.

NO ONE MUST BE ENABLED TO FEEL THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT BY GIVING $20 BUCKS (max) WORTH OF SOMETHING. This is not about me. This is not about them. This is about preventing Armageddon in military, economic, climate, moral, social forms that are multitudinous. This is about supporting ONE SOLDIER in what must fast become an army of millions worldwide, or it is all over. No, I have no illusion of making a difference, "succeeding."
But I also have no lack of clarity anymore of how this war is to be waged.

Matt, by tomorrow you owe it to yourself and those you love to struggle through the mass of Start
posts for OCT and as much else as you can.

Matt, whereas I now know what millions must do, I'll never know what any individual should do. This email conveys not the slightest expectation or responsibility from me to you. You and God. You and Your Humanity.

Loving you extremely, your brother,


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