Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I'm very pleased and excited. The Hunger Strike that Resumed Monday 10/1/07 returns tomorrow, Wednesday, to Capitol Hill, the Cannon Office Building 24/7. How? Hmmm. I don't know. I just know I'll do it as long as my pulse lasts / prison takes me away / our our Mother calls me elsewhere (which I don't expect for many, many months).

I have no expectation that the water / vitamin only Hunger Strike is to be carried on by me for less than 40-60 days, but I never know for sure what She will dictate from hour to hour. My best current guess is that I am not being flown into the mountain on this one, that it will better serve if upon hitting skeleton level I accept whatever modest amount of calories at that point (if offered) that will keep me on death's door, but on Cannon's Steps, for many months afterwards.

Risks to this plan:
* A dear friend's mom and dad are at potential medical crisis. Probably not, but if by tonight I hear that I am needed for coverage, my location will not be Cannon steps for several more days while I cover for her.
* Our Mother might call me differently tomorrow, tonight, next month.... But I don't think so.
* No sources of water, yet. Yes, of course my beloved sister Ellen wants to provide any and all daily support as she did for Darfur, but this is out of the question. My role is to ignite others, whatever the cost, not to keep burning out the same person or folks. I will adhere to this whatever the cost, I expect.
* The police at this location are an unknown to me. First night may be a trip to jail; I'll return after being let out which would probably mean prison.
* No sources of calories 40-60 days down the road.
* Monsoon or arctic weather (I don't envision leaving the steps for more than an hour per week or so).
* Jail / Prison: I have two upcoming court dates: 10/12 for Leafletting at the Pentagon; 11/14 for lying down on the White House sidewalk protesting nuclear bombs. I intend to go to the court hearings but beyond that morally I can neither fight within the law system ("do not go to law" Jesus rightly warns us), nor can I cooperate with their evil of trying me for actions that are Innocent before God. I'll be shocked if at least one does not result in jail/prison.

Immediate support that would be useful:
* Recharging and reloading of my MP3 with electrons and several of the dozens of books I have on DVD several times a week.
* Water every day or so.
* A couple of contractor grade large plastic bags (to keep my stuff dry).
* Quart/Liter size empty plastic bottles (you don't want to know), about one per day would be ideal.
* Funds. Currently I am at less than $1 as I have been for weeks. Currently I can't afford metro to court on the 12th in Alexandria and it is a very long, LONG walk. God's will be done.
* Some place for a shower and to do laundry every couple of weeks.
* Tooth brush.
* Duct tape.

Longer term support that would be useful:
* Extremely warm pants. I don't expect to use a sleeping bag. Wrong image. Too likely to get me removed for "camping."
* Extremely warm boots (funds toward). My boots have been warn out for months.
* Inexpensive down jacket to go under my present heavy jacket.
* Used 1+ GB MP3 Player with a long lived battery capacity.
* MP3 PLAYER AUXILIARY USB RECHARGER (or funds toward $50). Radio Shack is just coming out with one. A brick like thing that an MP3 Player's USB connection can go into and get 2-4 charges.
* FUNDS TOWARD REPLACEMENT SIGN ($30 bucks will do for repair in a few more weeks; $200 will be needed when replacement time comes.

Note: Although I can never anticipate accurately on this one, I expect to have little or no means of outside communication on this trip - cell phone, blogs.... Remember the exciting "blackout" when the rocket crews were on the other side of the moon?

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