Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day #16 Hunger Strike for US Forces, Iranians, Iraqis

The weather is very kind - mild. My body is no longer putting out much heat due to the Hunger Strike. It was mid 70's but even so I was chilly with two sweatshirts on.

Often the Congress People use the tunnels but today they were out in force all day long. Many had to look at the Hunger Strike and ponder. My sense is that their Spirits, their Humanity is all but dead. They need what I am doing, and similar work from many, many, many people before their Humanity will be restored.

Joan N. from Kennett Sq, PA came by for a while. In her mid 70's I guess. Seems to spend more time in DC getting arrested for efforts to stop the war, than she spends at the bridge table. Very inspiring.

I'm pretty weak physically but everything else checks out ok.

I expect to return to Cannon first thing tomorrow (Wednesday) morning and remain there 24/5-7 with few exceptions for many, many, many months.

REQUIREMENTS for the Vigil: Watch at the upper left for a link to what the current requirements are. Later tonight I expect.

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