Tuesday, October 9, 2007


More later, but until tomorrow, my mind is exploding with new insights as to how this War of Unarmed Peacemaking must be fought and have left Cannon to blog, prior to Friday's 9am court date for handing out Global Warming literature at the Pentagon. Strategically, morally I will not abandon my HUMANITY for their INHUMANITY [the entirety of our existential choice; the entirety of opportunity to Empyre Empire. I'll go and be there as a brother, but not as a plaintiff. They will see this as Contempt I am sure and how long the will jail me I don't know.

I eagerly plan to maintain the Hunger Strike in jail and to return immediately to Cannon on 24/7 Hunger Strike and Vigil.

A terrific fellow, hegemony57, that stopped by several nights - turned out he's been writing of the Hunger Strike on his Daily Kos diary. Great work. Quite helpful. Rich comments from his readers. Tomorrow or Friday night before returning to Cannon I hope to add some comments to theirs.

And another dear fellow has been doing some blogging: Jeremias X Goes To Washington (Part 2)

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Jeremias X said...

Start!!! How the heck is it going, brother??? I'm so glad you linked to my blog. How is the protest going? I saw where they were arresting truckloads of protesters and changing the rules as they go up in DC, as I saw last time...