Saturday, October 13, 2007


This was a victory for the "system," in God's eyes.

Due to weekly vigils of Catholic Workers / Jonah House there is familiarity and a modicum of respect on the part of the Pentagon police, and ilLegal inJustice system staff involved with us yesterday. With the benefit of their "sense" of "our kind," the officers / court / etc involved quickly realized, as I realized on the spot, that they had lumped me in with tomato planters, which I did not. I contested nothing, just gently shared the Truth pre-trial.

History, and my brotherly behavior toward this part of my family evoked from them, "we'll dismiss your charges. We don't want you penalized for something you did not do."

Details on the day will be appearing at Jonah House soon, I expect.

I am now, on Hunger Strike, working round the clock to bring Start Loving to an acceptable level of completion.

My expectation is to be on Capitol Hill at Cannon House Office Building by Tuesday, 24/7 until the next court date November 14th.

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