Monday, August 4, 2008

"Bomb / Don't Bomb Iran" decision finalized. Hunger Strke / Vigil Suspended

I wish I was all-knowing enough to tell YOU what to believe. But with the following I can tell you what I believe enough to act on.

Recent reports (see below) have substantially convinced me that global corporate/financial forces, those well beyond those that have been within my personal reach - Cheney / Bush / Congress / Pentagon - have made the bomb / don't bomb decision. What decision has been made? Don't know yet. But the decisionmakers - global corporate & finance powers are beyond my reach, for now anyway. Hence I've terminated the Hunger Strike and will not undertake the Pentagon vigil for today anyway.

The "News" I now ascribe to indicates:
  1. It is clear that the decision to bomb Iran is the decision to bring about world-wide economic depression that dwarfs what was seen in the 1930's. This is known by Bush, Cheney and Israel, hence it is a decision that is beyond them, above them - the decision is in the hands of their corporate handlers.
  2. The Pentagon has made its opposition clear to the Administration and Israel - DON'T BOMB. The Pentagon is no longer "on the fence," but in opposition.
  3. Congress is beyond my reach now physically, recess, even if their cowardice did not make them irrelevant to the decision.
  4. $125 / barrel oil has been extremely useful in making it clear to the world that Bomb Iran is Global Financial Meltdown. Bush / Cheney / Israel will be prevented by the Global Financial masters from making the decision. Whew!
Will Iran be bombed? Hmmm. Have you read Naomi Klein's, "The Shock Doctrine?" Bombing Iran would be perfect for bringing about the new, Fascist one-world-order.

As for my next campaign? Not sure yet. I've been standing Against (Iraq War, Bombing Iran) and that is NOT where I want to be. I want to be standing FOR Waging Love. Yes, in doing one I've been doing the other, but I'd like to find a way to entirely stand FOR Waging Love. Don't know if the time is now.

Need more time to Pray for Guidance. ("Pray?" Like Watching for Cars, both are seeking for Vision).

Some of the articles that have helped me arrive at this perception:
  • etc
  • etc


Anonymous said...

hey start,i stand behind every decision you make. im glad your taking
a wellllllllllllll deserved rest. well done, my friend. xxsis

Start Loving (WAGE LOVE or WAR RAGES ON) said...

You are the best sister ever. I need you.

It is tough. My mission has been clear for, well, October last year is when the vigil - DON'T BOMB IRAN - started. By the way, I now think we will NOT bomb Iran - and if we do - it is Armaggedon. And I think we will be getting substantially out of Iraq before too awfully long now.

I've been yearning for years to be able to focus on Palestine. Whereas I thought Iran/Iraq were the way to stand against US Empire, I think Palestine represents the opportunity to stand against THE CENTER of Evil on the planet.

My sense is it will be weeks before I hear my next "Call" clearly.

Your brother,

Start Loving - WAGE LOVE or WAR RAGES ON

Anonymous said...

hey start, i have not the slightest doubt that you will hear the
'call'. your vision is on a clear channel. xx

Start Loving (WAGE LOVE or WAR RAGES ON) said...

I cannot tell you how much your friendship means to me.

Your bro