Monday, August 25, 2008

Conversation with E

Hello Start Loving! :)
How are you? I've thought about and prayed for your provision and safety often since I met you.
Do you remember me? ( in the photo attached of the group at the protest against torture policies, I'm the shorter gal! :) )
* I hope you're doing well. I suppose you are since you're doing exactly what your mind, soul, and heart are guiding you to do.
I , on the other hand, am trying to figure things out still. Maybe not trying hard enough, but I'm doing alot of asking.
There's plenty of words I could ramble in this email, but I'll keep it short this time and most importantly I wanted you to know I haven't forgot your eyes.
And your advice about this time of my life being very difficult ( mid 20's...finding a core identity and purpose in this life) and about serving with the Catholic Social Workers.
Anyhow, I hope you remember me too.
Talk to someday again hopefully.
Peace & Struggles,

Dear sister,

I am so extremely glad to hear from you, and that you have not forgotten me!

NO I haven't forgotten you! It was glorious time we spent together, and no, I haven't forgiven you for leaving so soon.

Salvation, by whatever name, and this is what you speak of above, is simply and only becoming possessed by the needs of the least-of-these your global family. This is the path. There is no other. This is Life / Love / Peace / JOY. There is no other. Ever.

My daily salvation is The Lord's Prayer PRAYED THIS WAY and more broadly MY ESSENTIAL LIFE SAVING KIT. If you are ever dying for Life - go to these links.

Oh, my prayers are with you sister.

Your brother,

Start Loving - Wage Love or die.

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