Friday, August 8, 2008

Remaining Ill

Letter to a friend:

I just wanted to acknowledge that yes, I am doing an awful lot of lying around. But it turns out I am fairly ill from this last trio of Hunger Strikes. I am now sure that my kidneys have been doing badly along with my bowels.

I am quite sure they are mending, finally, but extremely slowly.

The evening at the signs seems to go fine. But beyond that, I awake in the morning after a long, long sleep, feel fine, sit at the computer for 30 minutes or so, and my body crawls itself back into bed.

My kidneys have a mild, dull ache, and my bowl is not doing well.

My only point in sharing this is to acknowledge that I am doing a lot of lying around and not much else that is useful.

I suspect this will finally pass, soon.


Letter to another friend - joan D arc - a fellow warrior:

FYI, I've been sick this time for four days solid. I am quite sure it is my kidneys. Have zero energy, am pretty yellow (alarmed some of my friends), have ZERO energy - just sleep all day and night, and ach in the mid-section - kidney area; waves of low fever. Today I am feeling fairly normal, so far, for the first time in a week; but now I've been sitting up for 30 minutes, and my body is crawling back into bed.

Now, this is a warning to us both. But, at the same time, if I am NOT in harms way, I am of no damn good, not in this rapidly disintegrating world.

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