Monday, September 10, 2007


From an email exchange with one of the world's great activists that has been mercifully counseling me.

"Hey Start,

Cannon Office Building on the Hill sounds like a good spot."
LOCATION: Unless I get input from Ann to the contrary I'm going with her suggestion of the steps at Cannon.

"anyhow, what's your fast diet???"
DIET: I plan to hold nothing back in this campaign. We have no more time to start a "fire." Water only diet unless you count vitamin (which I have) and electrolytes when I can afford them. I expect to stay this course until I can't hold out any longer - 40 to 50 days is my guess. I'll probably then go to 800 cal per day if anyone wants to make that available to try to stay at death's door as many months as possible. Who knows what will be called of me by then.

"are you gonna be in the sun, not good not good. shade i hope. and not too much activity. that will run you down fast. things you already know, start."
SUN/SHADE: I expect it will be sun at least during the morning and afternoon rush hour. And marching for the first week or so during rush hour. This was extremely powerful at the Sudan Embassy.

"also did you put out a press release. holding a press conrference. may not get lmuch at first but the longevity of the strike is what counts"
PRESS RELEASE/PRESS CONFERENCE: Necessary of course. But I'm out of time and energy. I don't even remember the numbers any more but today is well over my 100th day of water only Hunger Striking in the last 14 months on top of another 60 plus days severely calorie reduced Fast and hundreds of days vigiling round the clock. AND I want to get on site at Cannon TOMORROW while Petraeus is still around. I just don't have the wherewithal to get it done.

"and sleeping there? 24 hour vigil. you could try it but personally youve got!! to get some sleep or else you wont last..."
24 HOUR / SLEEP: IF they let me sleep sitting up as I did at the White House and Sudan Embassy for many months, that's what I want to do. A MUCH more powerful action I think. If necessary I'll take a day or two off per week if I have someplace to go.

Note: I may not have enough wrapped up in the next few days to allow the start of round-the-clock until late this week. May need to take Wed or Thurs off site too. But I'm really trying to be at Cannon first thing tomorrow morning - and all day, per you all's suggestion.

Note: I was arrested at the Pentagon recently for leaf-letting, 2nd time, and if I get Judge Buchanan (yup, THAT Buchanan family) I'm likely to get 30 days or more. Court date Oct 12th.

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