Monday, September 17, 2007


Early this year a community reached out to support my work - the Washington Peace House / Center - Thomas, Ellen and then Connie of the 26 year Vigil in Lafayette Park. They have been wonderful - lodging, water, food, computer, daily support when I am 24hr vigil someplace - whatever. And I give back too, in addition to my activist work - as I can.

All three I have just discovered have important, but non-critical medical needs coming up this week and possibly next. I can help them and I will.

The early part of this week I will NOT as intended begin 24 hour vigil at Cannon. When I return depends on how today's outpatient procedure goes. Nothing to be alarmed about for my friend.

Friend two is expecting to go in for a procedure (also not to worry about) later in the week.

Friend three is waiting for an appointment for diagnosis.

I'm not sure the best way to adjust. Some of this will involve me covering shifts at the Park for an unknown number of days.

Currently I remain on the Hunger Strike, Day 7. I might restart. Might continue the Strike and restart locating at Cannon after a week. Might go the days interrupted to Cannon if I can. I'll let you know.

Your Loving brother, Start
ps: Although I was pleased with the spirit of Saturday's marchers in DC I am finding myself alarmed that after all that the Bush Thugs have done that 20,000 marching folks is all we could produce. We've got to figure out how to start a fire. Yes?

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