Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hmmmmm. How convenient for you. Just as convenient as it has been for me for most of the last 56 years. I'm sure that pleased for us both are:
  • 18,000 children starving to death per day,
  • US Soldiers being destroyed daily,
  • 4 million Iraquis in prison-like conditions,
  • Millions of Iranians about to be carpet bombed,
  • The soul of the US going to Empire beyond the point of redemption,
  • 3 million Darfuries dying of your neglect in Concentration camps....

Let's take our time. Let's take our time. Let's act with huge courage and compassion when it is COMFORTABLE FOR US.

Truly, I love you anyway, with all of my heart; and I love and forgive me too.

Your brother,

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