Friday, July 11, 2008

Update 7/11: Hunger Strike Day 13

Monday was spent in recovery from acute dehydration.

Tuesday was on the Hill.

Wednesday was in preparation to introduce some very powerful music into the actions:
Bad President
Liar in Chief

Thursday on the Hill WITH the songs. For whatever set of reasons there was more Congressperson initiated "thanks" for this campaign than in any previous 2 months; about 20 congressfolks made contact with me to express thanks. Amazing.

Friday at the White House, and in the evening making final arrangements for sound equipment for future vigils, with donations from a variety of folks.

Photo thanks to

Flickr: isisDC's Photostream

Saturday and Sunday will be spent at the White House, at the Revolution March in support of a worthy musician (sharing the sound system) and preparing for the "Perpetual" Occupation of the Pentagon - by far my most dangerous assignment yet - no water, no bathroom, extremely remote, totally uncharted "legal" territory....

Note: Regarding the Hunger Strike, last Sunday was Day 14 but in Sunday evening and Monday I took almost a full day's calories in juice and fruit attempting to recover somewhat. Since then I've taken maybe 400 calories per day (25% RDA) in an attempt to stabilize my body. In an attempt to keep my Day Count high in integrity I've dropped back to #12 Day yesterday and will count upward from there expecting to divide my time between Pentagon, 2 weeks, Capitol Hill 2 weeks, and finish out the 50 days back at the Pentagon; with some time in the hospital likely interspersed.

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