Sunday, July 13, 2008

Assault on our Deadness begins at the Pentagon

Wow. This one will be interesting. Will I be in jail within minutes? Dehydration? Spawn one, just one Daniel Ellsberg?
Deadness, Apathy, Zombieishness, Irresponsibility, Hypocrisy, Cowardice... this is the enemy... unHumanity by whatever name, both within and outside the Pentagon, Peace mOVEMENT, dEMOCRATIC party....

My intent is to maintain a round the clock vigil / Hunger Strike (Day 14) at the Pentagon Metro entrance on the Pentagon campus for 2 weeks; then to return to the Hill until congress leaves for August golf; at which point to return to the Pentagon to finish out the 50 days of intended Hunger Strike.

I have a new weapon - sound - in addition to the signs. My intent is to play, during "rush hours," quite loud:
Sermon on the Mount Sun-Wed. Excerpts.

Sermon on the Mount

...and then for 2 days each Yikes McGee!s devastating...
Liar in Chief
Bad President

As Sy Hersh's recent article reminded me, our best hope to escape the Bombing of Iran (and the launch of King George marshall law / police state) is a few inspired patriots inside the military. This is my best shot at adding to their inspiration.

As always... join in!

ps: Why Sunday for start? Seems to me it might help disarm the police, making it more likely I remain undisturbed, and set the correct tone with the broadcasting of the Sermon on the Mount on Pentagon campus.

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