Monday, July 14, 2008

1938 Germany 70 years later

Silly me, I see that my choice of titles on the prior two posts below has caught NSA attention. I've now got these people REPEATEDLY checking the site, JUST THESE TWO POSTS, all referred by email, from Georgia, Maryland, State Col PA, RCN....
  • Government of the District of Columbia
  • Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, Huston Texas
  • RCN Corporation, DC
  • Ellicott City, MD
  •, State College, PA....

If I disappear, you'll know where to look - a black site somewhere in the world.

Hey my brothers and sisters in the NSA, you can find me in plain sight, with big signs of children you've killed due to your paranoia, in Lafayette Park or on Capitol Hill most every day, trying with MY body at risk (NO ONE ELSE'S) on modified hunger strike, Day 15, to stop your insane military response to everything.

I suppose that once you've killed or imprisoned just about everyone on the planet, THEN you'll feel safe?

Assault on our Deadness begins at the Pentagon

Pentagon Assault Aborted

ps: I would take a bullet for you. I AM putting my body on the line for you.
pps: Who are YOU doing this for; the "government?" the Constitution? We the people? Are you making us safe by destroying all our constitutional and human rights?
ppps: Heil Hitler!
pppps: You DO know that protecting our rights, freedom and constitution by DESTROYING them is, er, um... clinically insane, don't you?


Matthew said...

Heaven keep you safe, my brother.


Start Loving (WAGE LOVE or WAR RAGES ON) said...

And YOU my beloved brother.