Monday, July 14, 2008


Hi sis.

I've been in DC 3 years now doing the work I do. I've never seen what I've seen this past week. Yes Code Pink is awesome, but this Ron Paul Revolution crowd, about 3000 on Saturday - they truly "get" how rotten our system is in a way that is, hmmmm, deeply hopeful. One, Tom, came in a week early. 33, from Detroit, ex Army doing construction, very bright, very well informed... I'm pretty sure he is going to return to Detroit, settle his affairs and return here to fight. Brick, I met him today, 20ish, his dad owns a successful construction firm, he may do the same - return here full time in the fight. Saturday I met a guy at the rally, my age, from VT, extremely well informed, may do the same.

Now, the pattern we have to watch for and foster, is what always brings about change - people start dropping "normal life," and going to the "fight." I often think of the soldiers at Valley Forge - abandoned by their "country" - no pay, "patriots," no matter what the cost, having left "family," farm and security, why? Because it needed to be done; it was the right thing to do.

For the first time I've seen seeds of this in a group of some mass - the Ron Paul Revolution.

Yes, you, I and a few others may stay alone for a long time, but maybe not....


Anonymous said...

hey start, well ron paul's my Texas congressmn and he's pushing for dredging, coal burning power plants, less regulation for the chemcial industry. he's endorsing everything im fighting down here on texas gulf coast. admit he's strong anti war but not because war is unholy but because the invasion/war didnt go by the letter of the Constitution.. but there im not begrudging you any energy you can get up there in that wickedest of cities, DC. But dont bet the planet on Ron Paul. your sis

Start Loving (WAGE LOVE or WAR RAGES ON) said...

Hey sis. Thanks for the reality check. MAYBE there is a distinction between the Ron Paul part, and the Revolution part. I think there is. What gives me hope about these folks is NOT the Ron Paul part. It is there DEEP sense that the system is really, really, really evil.

Ryan said...

We stopped and talked to you at the Pentagon the day after the march and took some pics of you and am still offering to send them. I am not sure where to send them and the email at the front of this blog space wont accept my email. If you would still like them please email us at We were also with our friend Johnny B from Missouri who blessed you on your ventures. We also set aside some food for you on the way home and home you recieved the nutrients provided in the meal. There is not a day that goes by that we don't worry or think of you and often wonder if you are ok. You stated that the week before you almost died from dehydration. I hope you are doing well and hope to hear from you soon.
Ryan, Tonya, and Johnny B from Missouri