Monday, July 7, 2008

Due to Severe Illness Hunger Strike Terminated; Vigil Continues Day 141

The only way I know to describe how I felt the last two days at the White House 7/24 is that it was like I was dying. Only day 14 of this water only hunger strike but day 50 of water only hunger strike within the last 3 months in full sun with no ability to recline - sitting 24 hours per day - my lower back in unbearable agony. This morning I flagged down an officer and requested to be taken to the Hospital, but they said it would cost too much. I seem to have lost the capacity to demonstrate in this way; for now at least. I am so sad - it is such a powerful way to fight.

This week congress is debating the Blockade of Iran - a declaration of war. This morning I began taking calories and my body is responding. Hopefully I will be on Capitol Hill with my "NO BOMB IRAN," and "STOP YOUR WAR" signs during the day as soon as tomorrow, accepting refuge from Thomas and Ellen at night while I recover. Then I expect to go to the Pentagon were there are officers standing against Bush and Cheney's mad lust to war on Iran - the third largest oil reserve in the world. Iran is a country that has not initiated war on any other country in 250 years; and one that the US Intelligence Agency - all agencies - declared had dropped its Nuclear Program in 2003. But Bush and Cheney say otherwise. My hope is to help stiffen the resolve of these brave officers.

As always others are welcome to participate.

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