Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pentagon Assault Aborted

Aborted: Assault on our Deadness begins at the Pentagon

Tragic. It was a terrific mission at the Pentagon, and it was off to a promising start. The officers had no idea what to do when I arrived at 9:30am with all my stuff off the metro. Within minutes they were intrigued and I had maybe 6 of them as a captive, and ever more supportive audience for half an hour or more. But by late in the afternoon the "rules" had come down from on high that the campus is closed to non-full time employees from 8pm until 6am, and technically weekends as well. I do NOT believe this was trumped up, which is a different question from whether someone could fight it. But fighting that rule is not my battle right now, and BECAUSE of the rule the logistics of this mission for one man on his 54th day of hunger strike within the last quarter is more than I can manage.

Will I remain on Hunger Strike? Where will I vigil? Will it be round the clock? I'm not sure. My guess is that I'll end the hunger strike; be on the Hill Tue-Thu (when congress is there) and at the White House other days. Round the clock? Not sure.

Pity there are not more fighters. There is Hell to pay. Am I bitter? I am sad. It is like, there is this huge banquet of opportunities, and Diane, Ann, Code Pinkers... and few others at the table. For ever plate we can eat, 10,000 go untouched. What a waste. It is going to cost us this very planet.

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