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[Email exchange with an international activist / her0]

From: xxxxxxx
To: start_loving@yahoo.com
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 10:53:23 AM
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Hey Start, you are as close to Holy Man as I'm ever gonna see. Wouldn't
think to question your judgment.

If only this USA had the same sense of
outrage at the destruction we are causing and the moral courage to do
something about it.

I am ever your sister. keep me posted. Let me



Well by God you ARE my sister.

Xxxx, I don't go out on a limb, into the desert, or on suicide missions to learn. No ma'am I don't! I go when the Almighty Powers, as best I can hear It says "GO!" And many times now I expected it was a suicide mission. Fine with me! Just tell me what you want me to do!

But I'm still here Sister! About 5 times now God has asked for my life; I've said "ok fine" and I'm still here.

The point? God so far us using these things to tell me, show me stuff.

2 days and I'm off the Hunger & Thirst for Humanity Strike. If you had asked me 3 hours ago I'd have said with entire peace, "Sister, this is it. By end of next week I'm gone. We're headed off of the cliff as a species and we either start paying with our lives now or it is just too late. We're on the brink of the dark ages and these are our last seconds."

Xxxxxx, did you see my error? I didn't until 2 hours ago. Like everything I value I didn't "figure it out," flash - it was just there. "Start, you imbecile, WE'RE ALREADY IN THE DARK AGES! WE'VE ALREADY GONE INTO THE ABYSS! Don't rush off to die now, rather the flame is alive in you, you need to keep it alive until such time as Humanity is ready to regain its sanity."

Sister, did you know this already? This is big for me. I had misdiagnosed where we were, but now I think I have a better grasp of the problem, and a better idea of where to go/how to approach things/how to best serve - similar to what I've been doing, but with a better of idea of WHY - to keep the flame alive until such time. The monks of the dark ages did this - but mistakenly they went literally into the desert, or into caves. No, I think the "cave" we are to go to is "the least of these." For me I think it is on the Hill 24/7 with those signs, but not with the idea of flaming out.

I thank God for you Sister and about 7 others. That is not many.

Thank God for you Xxxxx,

Start Loving (Join Jesus)

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