Sunday, March 30, 2008


Cannon House Office Building as before. Zero intake of food or liquid - anything.

I've got one vote, my body, and in these darkest of days for Humanity, in these last minutes where a new Dark Ages might be staved off I'll continue to cast that vote in the most heart-piercing, Humanity-building way-in-potential that I can imagine, minute my minute, hour by hour. Nothing less from anyone has any hope or appropriateness anymore; or our rhetoric about the darkness of these times is a lie, and it is not a lie, but rather our rhetoric is understated by orders of magnitude. Spitballs are not going to pierce these hardened hearts of our middle and overclass brethren here in the US and globally. The Fourth Reich is on the rise. Only the highest megatonage Weapons of Mass Humanity we can imagine individually becoming have any hope or appropriateness now. We must stop "playing activist" and become the Anti-Terror - now; and I can't control you, but I can control me, so I'm going to "roll."

"Never think that an individual cannot change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." Start Loving. The individual can no longer wait for the group. It has always been the action of the individual that has been the catalyst that spawned the EFFECTIVE group, always, throughout history, invisible though these individuals have been. Let's stop waiting, watching, worrying and wasting time. Let's stop killing time; the little time Humanity may have left. "We individuals must be willing to fail; but entirely unwilling not to make the attempt, with our last breath if that is what is asked of us by conscience, by our Humanity." Start Loving.

"Live as though the whole world depends on what you do; and realize that what you do probably will not make any difference at all," anonymous ancient Buddhist. I have few illusions; but I've shed most of my carefully indoctrinated-by-society delusions including the one that hope lies in the group; it never has and it never will.

We talk, and talk and talk but it is as if we don't hear what we ourselves are saying. If Bush and Cheney operated in a more identifiable setting, for example a neighborhood, they would be known as muggers, rapists, thugs, thieves, hoodlums, criminals; and your loved one is being raped as we speak.

If the American people were looked at with historical perspective Nazi Germany comes to mind with the mainstream concerned with getting more while the marginalized are ignored, neglected and then oppressed as scapegoats. (Did you ever see the movie "High Noon?" We are in it. We're the townspeople.)

We Americans violate with abandon every natural law of decency, humanity, ecology, economics... like folks at a drunken orgy that has gone on way too long... and now they face a tab that is totally beyond their means, so they return to debauching to dull their senses.

And where are those still with any sanity, with any Humanity left? Demoralized. Confused. Writing. Talking. Once-a-week demonstrating. Doing what they "want" to do rather than starting with the constraints of the problem: we are out of time, the tactics we've employed show no hope of changing history, we need to spark Revolutionary PeaceBuilding / Hunanity now or whatever we do will be too little too late. Looks like activists are on a personal mission to be able to report that they did "something," unwilling to face the question - "did you take your best shot, regardless of cost?"

With what's at stake: what's left of Iraq, our US Forces, Iran's integrity, Congress's Humanity, activists' courage, US's Humanity... it is time to pull out the stops; especially realizing that we know that at this exact moment Bush / Cheney could be launching nukes at Iran, and/or allowing another False Flag terrorist attack to trigger Marshal Law, or both. It is time for all-out action even as individuals until such time as groups begin to show signs of life.

I expect to remain on Hunger and Thirst Strike on Capitol Hill until either:
  • a. Congress exhibits a Revolution of Humanity starting with elevating the least of these our Iraqis, US Forces and Iranians from the bottom of their priority list to the top;
  • b. I see some better way to serve;
  • c. They stop letting me out of the hospital to return to the Hill;
  • d. I am incapacitated or expire.

I have almost no experience with a Thirst Strike so all I can do is guess that as soon as this weekend but more likely next week at some point I'll have some sort of medical event - hallucination, loss of consciousness, whatever. Almost certainly if the officers spot it in time they'll have me taken to the hospital, force hydrate/feed me, eventually let me out; I expect to return to the Strike on the Hill, repeat.... When they get tired of this, incarceration? Banning from the Hill? Commitment?

"It is not my responsibility what they do. It is my responsibility what I do." Start Loving

Know that I am completely at peace with this. I need nothing; but Action needs everything.

Based on past experience I expect no press, but if there is press for which I have some respect, I intend to stay entirely on point of the mission - what I am doing, why - and to allow no side trips to all the voyeuristic stuff they love to distract their audiences with. In short, I'd not be a very fun interview on this campaign - all business.

What do I expect to achieve? If you ever watch the extraordinary movie, "Cry Freedom," notice how at the end of the movie they scroll through the list of activists murdered by the apartheid system of South Africa. The list is chronological and begins in the 1960's as I recall. Apartheid finally was overthrown, partially, in 1993, 30 years later? The way things currently look I am working to start the clock so whoever is left 30 years from now can achieve some significant success in throwing off the Police State we are headed for. No, I do NOT expect we will see Bush / Cheney leave office in 300 days; nor do we deserve to see them leave.

By the way, if / when I get into health trouble the cruelest possible blow to me would be to divert net energy away from sparking the Revolutionary Humanity I'm striving to initiate. I am expendable. Humanity is NOT expendable.

[Those two photos are the results of our 300 tons of Depleted Uranium poison, weapons of mass destruction we've unleashed on Iraq, and our US Forces.

POISONOUS LEGACY - a 3 minuete primer on DU, YOUR tax dollars at work.]

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