Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Face of We Americans to Capitol Hill

God willing I return to Capitol Hill as early as Monday. My work here is done. The "least of these" in our family needs me back on the Hill, NOW.

At long last I've recognized our face (Phil Berrigan saw it long ago) and it belongs on the Hill for all to see in 2x3' posters that will grace the Hill 24/7 as long as the Campaign survives. We personally bought this face with our Taxes, "normal" behavior and silence in return for which we receive our Over-Privelage, the spoils Starved and Killed from the "least of these" our family:

Oh, you didn't know about Deplete Uranium? Hmmmm. You would have thought our Press and Government would tell us. No?

This will tell you what you need to know:


(GOOGLE "depleted uranium")

This Campaign / I will exist as long as It has support, and then we will not. God's Will be done. VIGIL RISKS / NEEDS 3/9/08

Your Loving brother, Stop Starving, Stop Killing, Start Loving (Join Jesus)
ps: If Empire attempts to remove me from the Hill for whatever reason (to get rid of these Photos, the Truth) I will gladly live in Jail / Prison UNCONTESTED for as much of my life as they want. What a fabulous demonstration / manifestation of the Evil that has consumed our US Body that would be. "Do not go to Law." Jesus. I will not, Start Loving (Join Jesus)


Anonymous said...

What a BLESSING you continue to be my sweet brother-- The shine is so needed in the darkness of Capitol Hill-- You are making a wonderful difference-- and there is a ripple affect throughout the Universe with our Loving, Peace filled-- Honest Energy... that All Humans have the potential to share--- You are a wonderful example.... Bless you my dear brother... Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Loving,
Please warn me first ... so I can make a choice of looking at these pictures or not ...
Thank you.

Start Loving (Join Jesus) said...

Dear brother,

I pray you are joking, but I fear you are not. Is that where your priority lies, on protecting yourself against the pain of reality? I've long suspected as much.

No apologies brother, only sorrow for you,

Start Loving
ps: No worries for the future. I've removed you from the list of folks worth emailing to.