Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Goodby, what does that mean? How should I know; I'm writing as fast as this is coming to me. But it has to do with moving out of communities / relationships I have been in for the same reason I entered them - to attempt to do Good. By being in relationship with many of you I suspect this has been the case - I have done you some Good, as you have done me. But I sense that with most but not all of you I have ceased doing good and am enabling by my "presence" exactly the spirit of Empire / UnHumanity / InHumanity my life is100% dedicated to eradicating with Humanity.

(This post is among my most important, but least cogent sharings.)

A year and a half ago God took mercy on me and my pitiful struggles toward Life / Truth / regaining-my-Humanity and revealed to me the Truth that Life lay along the Path of never again working for money, but living or dying solely within the relationship of "Family," from each according to herhis ability, to each according to herhis need. My yearnings had been tearing me in that direction forever but the clarity that day at the White House on hunger strike for Darfur was a Divine gift. It was soooo the Clarity I had been searching for. And thus I've LIVED WITH A SHAMEFUL WEALTH OF JOY ever since.

Today I've received the next installment - Life comes, is developed by, and is to be accepted ONLY from PeaceWarriors / Humanitarians / Christlikes / WorldFamily, come what may. ("Christlikes?" What Jesus attempted to restore us to - "Our Father.... (Jesus said, including you and me WITH Himself.)" "Whoever claims to abide in Jesus aught to live just like Jesus lived;" John's 2nd letter. Why not "Christians?" Christians are Pagans and Zionist-jews that stole and have masqueraded under the "Christ" brand for wholly evil, anti-Christlike reasons; the greatest most murderous hijacking / hoax / atrocity / holocaust in history.)

Is all this ranting of mine Exclusionary? Elitist? How could I have been so blind, I wonder. This is among the most profound, hopeful awakenings on my part in the last 10 years! Eureka! Thank God! When I was in the computer industry turning around failing organizations I was acutely aware of the ULTIMATE importance of having the right people in the organization. Everything was possible with, nothing was possible without. Truly and consciously I would much rather have had vacant seats, than to have those seats filled with non-zealous, non-selfdisciplined, non-committed folks; and frequently so it went. Since leaving industry, and especially since entering God's business, Saving Humanity, I've totally, TOTALLY overlooked this ALL IMPORTANT ASPECT. In industry would I have hired / engaged with someone because they were nice, because they were pleasant, because they were kind, because their WORDS were agreeable? NO! These are important ingredients but totally insufficient in and of themselves to achieve anything great. No, the crucial ingredient I knew to look for in a recruit / partner / fellow traveler / contributor then was potential for Vision / Burning Desire / Fire / Passion / Courage / Commitment / Self-Sacrifice / Self-Discipline / Complete Devotion, Surrender and Submission to Mission. This has been nowhere on my radar screen, a profound and total blind spot day after day, year after year since joining God's Business - Humanity. Thank God for this new clarity. God forgive me if I forget again.

The last two months have been spent using all of my powers and all of my resources to be an instrument in God's hands to bring the most able PeaceWarrior I've ever encountered back to Life from a murderous, Evil affliction. Success? "Full effort is full success," Gandhi. Yes. Will health return? Will this PeaceWarrior return to battle after so many years? God knows. Better pray that shehe does.

During these two months the best friend, the only total friend and fellow traveler God ever gave me (my father doesn't count) withdrew from / terminated our relationship. For the sake of this individual I've long been begging for himher to make a decision between Life and Empire; I've been emphatic that more important than WHAT was chosen was making a choice because heshe was being ripped apart attempting to straddle the two realms year after year. Well, the choice was made, thank God - and Empire, the Dark Side was the choice (we 600 million overclass, white, abusive and exploitative western Empirists can't be wrong. Right?) Anikan Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith. There may be no work of art that so clearly shows us the dynamics and mechanisms of how Empire destroys Humanity - and how "immediate family," "my group" is THE mortal Sin / the great Killer. Life dies the second that the cell elevates the needs of itself and its group above the needs of the Body. The fault in the case of my friend lies with me, in part. I have not yet become that which we are all called by Jesus, Wilson, Wright, Arbeiter, Hohensee, Connie, Beverly, Preston, Gandhi, King... to become - Life, Salvation, a Savior, that which overcomes the otherwise overwhelming call of Empire.

It has been many, many years since I've experienced such pain as I have over this tragic loss of my friend. I've been sick and bleeding for weeks now. Rarely have I received such a gift - the gift of Sight /Vision, among the innumerable gifts I have received from this blessed friendship for which I'll be eternally grateful. No other way could I have had the veil of Illusion and Denial ripped from my eyes, a veil I've been clinging to so tightly, unawares. Excruciating but so necessary. Now, only now can I see and face the horrible, wonderful truth that everything depends on delineating the demarcation between that which is cancer and that which is health; and partnering with Health / Christlikes... or standing alone. And the cancer that is the spirit of Empire, the cancer that is our religion of group selfishness, superority, oppression and mass exploitation of the least of our Family exists entirely on its brilliance at disguising itself as VIRTUE! "Nothing is to tempting as evil in the garb of Virtue." King. "1984." "Animal Farm." The Bush administration and its war on "Terror (Humanity)" in which we bystanders are ENTIRELY complicit, guilty, bloodsoaked.

The new clarity? There is, there IS PeaceWarrior / Christlike (health) and everything else is Death (cancer); everything else, no matter how kIND, how nICE is the end of Life-worth-living on earth - lIVING Death. Extreme view? Your heart is extreme - it NEVER for an instant has stopped to think of itself; it NEVER has stopped beating, stopped Living entirely for the body - for the "least of these." Same for the skin cell, the eye, the ear, the liver.... Such total, complete, 100% service, EXTREME SERVICE of the BODY is the way, the only way of Life NOTHING ELSE IS LIFE. It is precisely this Clarity that seized and held Jesus, and now holds me. Thank God. "What profiteth a man to win the wORLD but to lose hisher Life; hisher HUMANITY?" "The good shepherd lays down his life for the flock." "Do unto others ALL that you would have them do for you." "You cannnot serve God and Mammon." Falling away from what the heart knows and practices, what the skin cell knows and practices - 24/7 service - is the ENTIRETY of the Biblical "Fall" from Grace, the Fall from God / Life / Love / Humanity. "We will be extremists for love, or extremists for hate." ML King. Tissue is healthy, or it is cancer. Start Loving.

The new clarity? I am to exist on support from PeaceWarriors / Christlikes (desperately-seeking-wanabees like me qualify) alone, or I am not to exist (no matter; when was the last time you grieved with the death of one of your cells? Me either.). Life cannot come from Cancer, and certainly not by encouraging / enabling cancer (sloth, delusion, exploitation, selfishness...). Specifically I expect to be on the Hill 24/7 within a few days or weeks. Unlike before where I was to exist on only the kINDNESSES of acquantances and strangers, NOW I am to exist or not only, ONLY on the collaboration of PeaceWarriors / Christlikes (including wanabees like me). The outlook for continuation of my pulse is not terrific, seeing as the only PeaceWarriors I know - about 15 - are out of state and or TOTALLY over-committed to other fields of battle within the PeaceWar, and MUST NOT leave their posts. Never the less it is clear to me, IT IS AN ENORMOUS BLESSING AND INEXPRESSIBLY JOYFUL AND HOPEFUL TO SEE that this is how it will be for me. THANK GOD! So many possibilities.

I wonder. I think that maybe God has it where it wants me so I can finally being Its work. Oh, what Blessing that would be.

If you are not a PeaceWarrior / Christlike (or desperate-wannabe), and as much as I Love, as much as I Adore you, most of you are not, this is Goodbye, whatever that means, God knows.

Your Loving brother,

ps: ARE you one of the PeaceWarriors? If you are not sure, no, you are not. :-) Does your current daily performance measure up to the folks listed above? Past PeaceWarring does not count either. Nor does the "ritual" enactment or occasional "worshiping" of PeaceWarring. :-)
pps: It is said that the best way to make God laugh is to tell It your plans. What in actuality will God have me doing / writing / seeing / thinking tomorrow? We'll see.
ppps: Have you ever seen "The River?" Mel Gibson. There is much to be learned there for would-be Saviors / PeaceWarriors from that movie; much to see in how "Saving" others happens. Relentless Humaniy begets Humanity. "There is no way to Humanity. Humanity is the way." Start Loving (Join Jesus)
pppps: We are ALL born PeaceWarriors / DaughtersSonsOfGod / CHRISTLIKES, the inevitable consequence of recognizing, as we do at birth, others who suffer as being in our "immediate family." "The Kingdom if God is within you. Be like a child and enter in." "Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve." King. And within a few days or months we begin destroying the Humanity, the Divinity, the intrinsic Goodness of our children, sacrificing them to the gOD of Empire. But this does not have to be.
ppppps: You are a Doctor and everyone you love with the exception of yourself becomes afflicted with a murderous plague of unknown cause and without a known cure. How do you feel? Superior? Smug? Relieved you don't have it? Proud? Special? Elite? Chosen? You are frantic. Chosen? Yes, in the sense that you are totally seized by the need - every fiber of your being - to Save those you Love. You would, you will give your life in the attempt to give Life to your loved ones - to accurately diagnose the cause and to formulate a cure, to BECOME THE CURE - in time. What if due to the nature of the disease and the nature of the cure your loved ones look on with horror at the potential cure and revile you, detest you, ridicule and dismiss you for the attempt? Do you do everything within your Rights and power to develop and administer it anyway? What if they will hate you for it? Abandon you? Reject and despise you? Pitty you? Yes, you proceed anyway. Me too. Bye.


Anonymous said...

May you awaken to the stillness of HUMANITY on the Hill with selfless joy basking in the union of the world family, as goodbye IS forever to behold.

Start Loving said...

"forever?" Yes, as is everything, EVERYTHING you or I ever say or ever do. THAT is why we must each embrace with every second of our lives, with every single ounce of our energy - total response-ability - or it is HELL TO PAY for your children and mine. Sweet dreams. Your Loving brother, Start