Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hunger Strike Day 4; Off the Hill till Monday

It has been a very interesting week, but day 4 of a hunger strike is usually among the worst and this strike is proving no different - no energy to write much.

My strike related poster reads "2o Day #4." My goal is 20. I'll do less if Good needs me elsewhere, and more if Good asks. My guess is the latter - but I'm not great at projecting these things.

My other posters are the same - 2 of the children we've mangled - 2 of the depleted uranium children.

Why not on the Hill till Monday? My focus is the Congressfolks. They take long weekends and will not be in session tomorrow as near as I can tell. My previous and current efforts leave not doubt in their minds as to my seriousness and commitment. With the Hunger Strike there is sufficient "punch" to my during-the-week presence that 24/7 will be marginal return. Better for me to accept the support of Ellen in the Peace House for daily transportation and a place in the evening to get online and sleep.

Start Loving
ps: 'WAGE LOVE" is now tattooed on my cheeks in large letters.
pps: "WAGE LOVE" is the closest we'll get in the English language to how to save the world.

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