Sunday, April 13, 2008


You know how in the movie Gandhi, whenever he was on Hunger Strike he looked like he was dying? I never understood. I have lots of experience with Hunger Strikes now and I never understood.

Now, I get it. I''ve never felt on day #44 what this time I'm feeling on days 4-7; deathly listless and sick. For the last 18 hours I've been taking juice thinking that might jolt me back to my old fasting self, but so far, no impact.

My body should be in a hospital seeking medical care which I will do as soon as all of my family in Iraq, Haiti, Darfur, Palistine and among the US poor can do the same; which will only happen when in mass we Middle Class realize that our Family consists of 6 billion, not 5 or 10. When the time comes I'd much rather leave my body than my Humanity that I seem to have at long last after decades of struggle regained

Beginning tomorrow morning I expect to be on Capitol Hill 24/7. It is too exhausting going back and forth to the Peace House and it is not time for half measures.

Start Loving
Wage Love and End War

9pm update:

I am feeling slightly better after 3.5 days. Calories, juice, soup and vitamins didn't seem to touch the deathly malaise that had me in its grip.

Then Thomas got me some bananas and I had some salt. I remembered that on Strike often potassium plummets. I am certainly a little improved.

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