Sunday, April 13, 2008


An acquaintance just asked me. It is covered on this site, but shehe didn't have the time or interest to look at the site below so let me outline it here.

  • The worst bullies in the schools we grew up in have been given by YOU AND ME $3 trillion dollars to rape and plunder Middle East oil by terrorizing the local population.
  • If you don't know the human cost we've extracted from the Iraqis, US Forces, US POOR, and soon the Iranians I'll not insult you by telling you.
  • The folks with the power, and maybe enough sanity to stop this warring are on Capitol Hill.
  • The strongest, clearest way I can think to cast my vote is with my body on vigil, and often on Hunger Strike.
  • "What is my demand?" I'm asked by this individual. My demand is that Congress shift 18o degrees from being Hell bent on rape and plunder to Waging Love to immediately end this war; and that they immediately act to PREVENT the Nazi's in the White House from bombing Iran.
  • When will I stop? When I perceive that there is a better way for me to fight. My guess is a total of 20 days this time, but it may go longer, maybe much longer.


Anonymous said...

If I remember my reading of Gandhi correctly, he never conducted a fast directed at the British oppressors. Their hearts were too hard. He would conduct fasts directed at people he cared about and who cared about him. He fasted for Muslim-Hindu unity for example. Am I correct in this (I assume you're read more Gandi than I). Is this different because you are a US citizen?

Start Loving (Join Jesus, Wage Love) said...

Great questions Friend. Helpful to me. And although I study Gandhi a lot I don't know. But I definitely think that for Gandhi, who exhorted us to take what he knew far beyond, because he had just scratched the surface, he considered the Hunger Strike ultimately a form of self-expression, as do I. I can't site verse on this, although to paraphrase him, 'the greatest work of art is one's life,' is consistent with my broader grasp of what Gandhi knew.

Another great, in terms of theory at least, and the single greatest essay on Waging Love (nonviolence) I know of covers this:
LOVE IN ACTION, Thich Nhat Hanh
"The nature of the struggle is not a doctrine to be materialized by a program of action; it is communication and love," and he goes on. A short, very important read.

I experience you Friend, and the Congressfolks as well as my flesh and blood, so I am not directing this Strike AT anyone, but FOR everyone, but for our US Forces, Iranians and Iraqis in particular... AND yes our US Congressfolks BECAUSE their hearts ARE so hardened AND because strategically, unless I am to give up on stopping the War on Iran they are the MOST hopeful folks I can think of with at least a shred of humanity / sanity that might be fanned into a bigger flame in time, AND THEY ARE IN AN IMMEDIATE POSITION TO STOP IT.

Last week twice Rep. Kucinich made a beeline for me to thank me for what I was doing, which is pretty sure evidence that I am stiffening his resolve / encouraging him and others like him. Another 20 congressfolks that pass within inches of me every day month after month made a point of dissing me by expressing strong approval making sure I could hear to the "Gathering of Eagles" who assembled on my corner when Crocker and Betray Us was in town. After a lifetime of practicing it in industry I am good at reading such things - they clearly relished "dissing" me in this way - which indicates that over the last 6 months of my presence (occupation) I have gotten well under their skins - A VERY HOPEFUL SIGN.

And Friend, in doing as one person what I believe tens of millions should be doing I cannot fail at encouraging current TRUE activists and latent would-be activists toward more meaningful and courageous action, even if immeasurably.

And, if nothing else, I am casting my vote in the loudest, most heart-piercing way I can yet think of. 'We are not called to be successful; we are called to be faithful,' is a phrase of ultimate truth for me. And I think Gandhi was quite right, "Full effort is full success." And finally, one of my favorites attributed to Buddhists, "Live as thought the entire world depended upon what you do, and realize that what you do will probably make no difference at all."

Your brother,

Start Loving - WAGE LOVE and END WAR