Friday, June 6, 2008

U.S. PROVOCATION OF WAR is what PROVOKED THOREAU. And what about you? Me?


U.S. provocation of war with / unprovoked attack on Mexico became Thoreau's defining issue, and the launch of so-called Nonviolence; Thoreau's ACTION provoked Tolstoy, Gandhi, King....

GERMANY'S UNPROVOKED ATTACKS ON NEIGHBORS AND INOCENTS DID NOT PROVOKE GERMAN CITIZENS TO HEROIC ACTION EN MASSE; and this cowardice defines Nazi era Germans - an irredeemable place in infamy. (There were exceptions: Holocaust Rescuers).

What is the question in such a situation as this? How do I stop the bombing of Iran? This and questions like it are questions of cowardice and inhumanity.

The question asked by our exemplars of Humanity in the face of pending atrocity - King, Gandhi, Biko, Corrie, Jesus... - is along the lines of:

  • "What will happen to [them] if I do NOT act?" MLK
  • How should one stand in the face of a threatened crime against humanity? Bonhoeffer.
  • How can I FULLY express / communicate / VOTE: WHAT I STAND FOR, and my opposition? Hanh.
  • What does a Sister/Brother/Family Member ("All Men are Brothers," asserted Gandhi, et al) do in the face of impending atrocity to world-family?
  • If this is not my time to put it ALL on the line, when WILL it be my time? What will it take for me to put it all on the line? "A [person] is not equipped to live until he/she knows what she/he would die for," MLK.
  • How MIGHT I spark the Miracle it would take?
  • What is the best shot I can imagine for ME to take right now, in time?

I expect to resume occupation of the Hill (PEACEMAKERS FOR US FORCES, IRANIANS, IRAQIS) up to 24/5 (weekdays) (originally an idea Col. Wright and Gael Murphy of Code Pink gave me) beginning Monday, EXCEPT DURING STORMS. Hundreds of Congressfolks walk within feet, back and forth every day. Ridiculous? In late June I expect to escalate this by undertaking my third Hunger Strike in 4 months, of 40 days duration, water and vitimin only. The previous two recent Strikes were 20 days each. In the late stages of the Strike this clearly gets into the heads of these Congressfolks. Quite powerful.

Join the "Occupation" campaign, bring your signs, courage, solidarity with Iranians, and perseverence, or...

... FORMULATE WHAT ACTION YOU FEEL IS ENTIRELY COMMENSURATE with this situation, what meets the test of History / Humanity / Honesty / "Family"... let me know, and I'll join you, and then maybe others will join us.... You know where to find me; or how to ignore me.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Schweitzer:
"Example is not the major thing in influencing people.
Example is the ONLY thing in influencing people."

It is not so much WHAT you do.
It is THAT you do with total commitment,
great sacrifice, and universal love.
Start Loving

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