Monday, June 30, 2008

"No PIGS, No PEACE!" OpEd to the Washington "Peace" Community

The following is NOT the opinion of the Washighton Peace Center. Opposing or alternative opinions are welcomed.

My much loved brothers and sisters in the "Peace and Justice" Community:

For the 3 years I've been among you I have more and more ached to become able to voice the agony I feel for you, and because of you. For you? Because you, in this dire time, could be experiencing such extraordinary, heroic lives instead of the zombie-like existence I observe among you. Because of you? I have 6 billion in my family currently and virtually all are writhing in material and/or spiritual death throws, and you are my best hope of saving them.

"Peace and Justice" mOVEMENTS are wonderful for making participants feel good. But as we can see throughout history they NEVER bring any consequential change.

"Flesh and Blood" Movements [I'm open to a better term, but the substance is captured WELL here] are the only thing that have, and the only thing that ever will bring substantial change. Someone at the White House yesterday said to me, "demonstrations don't work any more. 10 years ago we had a million people in the streets and they still bombed Iraq." "How long were they in the streets," I asked? "Hmmmm. A few hours."

We've seen "Flesh and Blood" Movements fighting because, UNMISTAKABLY, THEIR Flesh and Blood (non-related) depended on it: King, Gandhi, Jesus, Romero, Anti-Apartheid, Suffrage, Anti-Slavery, Code Pink's Liz Des Murphy Medea, Diane Wilson, Ann Wright....

No, Symbolic / Sacramental / Self-Saving Actions don't count no matter what they cost the practitioners.

Only Flesh and Blood saving (non-biological) Flesh and Blood constitutes the bunker- buster weapon that pierces the concrete casings that entomb our western hearts. Everything less is wasted energy - to THE GLEE OF BUSH AND CHENEY.



Am I remotely qualified to cast such a dire diagnosis? Well, YOU are. You can read history as well as I. But additionally, unlike most of you, I have been on, in, forming, coaching, leading high performance PIGS on extreme, SUCCESSFUL change missions my ENTIRE adult life and... with hardly any exceptions other than those noted above, you are not Pigs. But you can be. You must become. Or there is no hope.


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