Monday, January 5, 2009

Hunger Strike Continues 7/24 on Capitol Hill Day #19

Hunger Strike Continues 7/24 on Capitol Hill Day #19 Demanding $200B Budget Shift from Pentagon to Plan B 3.0 Awaits Notification from Dennis Kucinich

NW corner of Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC, January 1, 2009. In order to understand this action, "Imagine that you've seen a meteor just days from striking earth and congress is doing nothing but talk. What do you do," asks Start Loving, when asked to explain this campaign.

"Plan B 3.0, by Earth Policy Institute's Lester Brown, authoritatively, unmistakably shows us the national and global security 'meteor.' -- the soon to be irreversible destruction of life support on planet earth -- 'civilization collapse,' as manifest in the sharp rise in failing states around the world," Loving continues. "Driven by global warming, population explosion, and millions moving toward western style consumption, and with tipping point just months away, the Marshall Plan funding Brown calls for occurs now, January 2009, or it is too late for U.S. National security."

Loving adds, "Despite this impending catastrophe, Barney Frank (Democrat MA) is the lone voice in Congress calling for action, in October demanding a 25% shift in budget from the Pentagon. I will not remain silent in the face of this obvious threat. I expect to remain on Capitol Hill, NW corner of the Cannon House Office building 24/7 consuming only water, vitamins, and electrolytes until Dennis Kucinich, the congressman I most trust, comes out to tell me that the funding shift is a certainty."

Most of his adult life a turn-around expert in the computer industry, Loving came to DC over 3 years ago to fight the genocide in Darfur (Wash. Post, A Hunger For Justice -, conducting a 46 day hunger strike, 7/24 occupation outside the Sudan Embassy. He moved to direct confrontation of U.S. self destructive acts of Empire last October with a 7/24 occupation on Capitol Hill against the bombing of Iran (<> .

Most recently Loving has been supporting the 27+ year Peace Vigil in Lafayette Park (<> in for the furtherance of Proposition One (HRxxxx) as proposed by Eleanor Holmes Norton each year since 1993. First passed in DC in DC election 1991 ( for details).


Note: Plan B 3.0, Lester Brown is online, free at

Additional Detail at Mr. Loving's YouTube site: <> and <> .

Addional press contact: Ellen Thomas, 202-682-4282 Proposition One <>

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